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An Eclectic Living Room Makeover

Tamara Honey
Tamara Honey

Lauren's number one request for her living room was that it feel casual and inviting – a warm hang out spot that reflected her style and incorporated a handful of vintage family pieces as well as two Room and Board sofas that she and her husband already owned.  Not wanting it to feel fancy or formal, Lauren did want it to have a “wow” factor.  She also needed help with the living room layout, specifically how to configure the long, rectangular space in a cohesive way.  She and her husband knew they wanted a seating area next to the fireplace, but struggled with how to fill the balance of the living room.

The couple loved how Decorist Celebrity Designer Tamara Honey of House of Honey combines old and new in an unexpected way, and bought a Celebrity Makeover to have Tamara help them bring their living room ideas to life, as well as solve their layout questions - all virtually. The couple was blown away by Decorist's easy and affordable e-design process, as well as the results: "Tamara totally got our style and vision for our living room based on the inspiration photos and few pieces of information we uploaded to Decorist.  It just amazes me that I ended up with exactly what we wanted (and more) without Tamara setting foot in our house!".

PS: How fun are the wood hand chairs and the gold disco ball?

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