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Pricing and Packages

Pricing & Packages

Bring your vision to life with one of our hand selected designers by your side

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Don’t just take our word for it.

All packages include two concept boards, a final design board, a floor plan, and shopping list. You also get access to our Purchasing Concierge, who will help with all ordering and delivery needs. Our Celebrity Interior design package include a phone call and design consultation.

Our interior design price list is as follows: Decorist charges a flat fee per room not per square feet. Our Classic design package is $299, our Elite package is $599, and our Celebrity package is $1299.

Our packages are all flat fees by the room not per square feet. However, if you have an open concept, like a great room with kitchen and living room, you should purchase two rooms.

Interior design fees are $5600 on average nationwide. However, it can vary depending on location and experience level. Online interior design is typically more cost effective and convenient because you’re not constrained by in-person meetings. We charge a simple flat fee per room and ensure you get the best price on furniture and decor.

They can be! However with our service, you collaborate virtually with an interior designer, which helps to bring down costs. Work with your designer any time, anywhere—our platform eliminates the need for face to face meetings that can drive your fees up. With us you get access to hand-picked designers for a simple flat fee.

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Our customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm PST.

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