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About Harry Koffman

Harry is a born and raised New Englander, from the suburbs just north of Boston. Harry credits his parents for stirring up his initial curiosity of architecture and design. Harry grew up in old homes; watching his Mom furnish them with vintage pieces, while helping his Dad restore the properties. Fast forward 15 years later and Harry has taken his knowledge and passion for design to his own properties. Currently he’s finishing up renovating a 1930’s bungalow that hadn’t been touched for years.


Harry believes the core of any well designed space is balance between function and beauty. No matter how big or small a project may be, Harry is consistently mindful of space planning, color coordination, repetition, scale and cohesion. Keeping these concepts top of mind, Harry feels they’re what set apart an aesthetically pleasing space, from a space which was designed with intent. He’s thoughtful and inquisitive with a keen eye for detail. Harry would describe his personal aesthetic as modern-eclectic and bohemian, with a nod to mid-century. He loves incorporating natural elements into his designs and pieces that have a story.


When he isn’t working on renovating properties, Harry can be found tinkering in his workshop. A treasure-trove home to an eclectic array of vintage furniture, lighting and accessories he’s found, waiting to be restored and incorporated into his designs. Throughout the past 6 years Harry has worked in the furniture and design industry, with experience ranging from high end furniture, to becoming a certified stager and Realtor.


Interior Design Portfolio

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