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About Casa Nolita

Jessie Yoon is the founder of Casa Nolita, an interior design and dwelling company based in New York City that specializes in residential design with a global influence. Originally from South Korea, Jessie moved to New York City to pursue her fashion career 13 years ago at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While working for designers and starting her own fashion label, she was given the opportunity to stage a loft for her friend and it was then she discovered her talent and passion lied in interior design. After 7 years in the fashion industry, she took a leap of faith and dove straight into the interior design world and has never looked back.

Jessie’s design aesthetic is as diverse and juxtaposed as her background. She has resided in the greatest cities in the world which include Seoul, Paris, LA and New York. To maintain her creativity and knowledge, she prioritizes global travel and is constantly inspired by different cultures which makes for a unique and elevated aesthetic which can be seen in all her work.

Jessie's speciality lies in eclectic and Scandinavian style interiors but thrives on collaborating with her clients to create tastefully personalized homes that they have envisioned. Her mission is to bring sophistication in residential design across all budgets and seeing her client's interior dreams become a reality is what makes the process worthwhile.

Interior Design Portfolio

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