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About Kendall Simmons

Kendall Simmons is an adventurer. Inspired by her extensive travels and love of art, she designs each home interior with an eye for modern, yet classic details and a little bit of surprise. With over a decade of experience in New York, Nashville, and beyond, Kendall Simmons breathes new life into a home’s interior, knowing that no matter where you are in the world or what adventure you’re on – there’s no place like home. After receiving an Interior Design degree from The University of Georgia, Kendall gained experience working for prestigious New York design firm Jed Johnson Associates and Nashville’s McAlpine Booth & Ferrier.

Kendall is a rare blend of left brain and right brain, giving her a unique perspective while working hand in hand with architects, contractors and craftspeople, as well as managing the technical construction and renovation side of the project. Her love of architecture, antiques and fine art inspires her to travel the world for both work and pleasure. In fact, it’s part of her design process.

Interior Design Portfolio

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