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About Rie & Co Interiors

With a degree and background in art, after Rie bought her first house over twenty years ago delving into interior design was the next logical step. Her home became her hobby and renovating, designing, and flipping houses became a passion. Rie’s love affair with creating her own inviting spaces progressed into helping others with theirs until, eventually, her hobby turned into career. Rie has professional certifications in both interior design and home staging and her design work has been published in eight shelter magazines, as well as being featured on, and

The design philosophy behind Rie & Co Interiors is “simple style, peaceful living”. Decorating isn’t just about making something look good, but more importantly, it is about creating a personal space that feels good. Being a minimalist at heart, Rie believes every item in our homes should be able to answer one of two questions... "Am I useful?" or "Am I beautiful?"  

Whether it be an accessory refresh or a whole room revamp, Rie’s aim is to reflect the client’s unique personality and lifestyle and create a home they truly love living life in.

Interior Design Portfolio

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