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About Sarah Daricilar

Sarah owns Daricilar Design Studio, located in Millis, Massachusetts. Both an interior designer and city planner, she has over ten years of experience in historic preservation, renovations and remodels in both residential and commercial sectors. She is NCIDQ certified, an advocate for sustainable design principles, and a believer in designing for the health, safety and welfare of all building occupants. 

When working on a project her goal is simple; create an authentic space that serves the occupants well. She enjoys the beauty that can be found in building materials; constructed of genuine finishes with energy to them and showcasing historic details. Ideal interiors are practical with a timeless aesthetic, fitted with comfortable furnishings and meaningful accessories. She loves all styles of interiors but especially those that follow vintage lines of the mid-20th century. When not designing spaces, she writes a quarterly blog and works in her art studio. Check out her studio’s website and follow her blog at

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