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About Kyler Karstens

Kyler is a devoted football fan with an addiction to travel and espresso. Her fascination for interior design began at five years old - She would spend more time designing Barbie’s house than she would playing with the dolls!  

The aesthetic that Kyler most enjoys designing is eclectic. She loves the freedom that eclecticism carries because there are no rules - everything goes! She has the ability to mix pattern, texture and period styles since there is no real formula when working with this aesthetic. Every project is like a puzzle, and no two projects will ever turn out the same! 

Kyler graduated in 2014 from Auburn University with a degree in Interior Design and quickly transitioned into the world of e-design. She loves the way e-design appeals to modern society where efficiency is key! Because of e-design, Kyler has had the opportunity to work with clients thousands of miles away from her home-base, these clients spanning countless cultures and age groups! 

Interior Design Portfolio

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