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About Sam Norman

Samantha Norman is the founder and principal designer of Designostore. She attended the University of Oklahoma and received a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and a minor in Architecture. After school she spent the next couple of years in San Francisco, where she designed international Apple stores and sold high end commercial furniture to tech companies in the Bay Area, like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. Throughout many years Samantha also worked as a freelance graphic designer. Allowing her the ability to analyze spaces with a new point of view.

Since 2014, Samantha has nestled into a tiny cottage at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Here is where she focuses on her online interior design business. In her spare time you can find her at the local art galleries, rock climbing, or hiking with her sidekick Azula, a border collie-husky mix that has one blue eye.

Her personal design style is influenced by her love of nature, while combining a playful approach with geometrical shapes and patterns that were inspired by her years as a graphic designer. This allows her to create an artistic modern setting that will evoke a natural homey feel to any residential or commercial space.

Interior Design Portfolio

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