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About Emily Johnson

Meet Emily, a girl that has mastered the art of mixing and matching to create awe-worthy spaces of eclectic, modern, bohemian, and minimal design. She has a fearlessness about her that can pull bold textures, patterns, and accessories together in a way that is uniquely beautiful to you. With a large passion for design she brings an eclectic design eye and a knack for discovering extraordinary pieces to the table.

She knew from an early age that design was what made her happy and knew her talent could make her an amazing career. With a design degree and experience of 5 + years she has got the chance to see her clients light up with the idea of seeing their space come to life. This is how she knew how she would make a mark in this world through interior design.

Nothing is more exciting than to adore your space and get the chance to feel good about showing it off. She believes everyone has a different story and it’s amazing to see personalities shine through in their homes. As an excited, positive interior designer she is looking forward to create a home that you will always be proud to show off.

Interior Design Portfolio

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