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About Christina Higham

Christina Higham is, first and foremost, a collector of experiences. Her design choices are informed by her other passions: music, art, fashion, and travel. She creates vibrant, lived-in spaces that mirror the lifestyles and personalities of those that dwell inside.

Christina’s philosophy is that the inspiration we find out in the world should find a home within our daily lives. Her own signature style is a reflection of her lifestyle; on any given day, you might find her taking in the sunset at Ocean Beach and planning her next getaway to the island of Kauai.

Christina’s interior design services are comprehensive and client-centric. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients define and develop their personal aesthetic, then to implement it in a way that is timeless, comfortable, and unique to them. Look for her work in publications like Lonny Magazine, Rue Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Fast Company, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Interior Design Portfolio

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