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Free expert online interior design advice Free expert online interior design advice


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Free expert online interior design advice

How do I Create a Modern Farmhouses Style within my 18th Century Double Atrium Height Barn?

Kyler... Headshot

Hi Clare!

Thanks so much for reaching out! I’m excited to have the opportunity to help you with your design dilemma!

First off, I can not tell you enough how stunning the base ...

Hi Limary,

Thank you so much for your phot of your space. I wish had more pictures of your space so I could see any color I could pick up on. But I will work with w...

Hi Camilla,

Thank you for choosing Design Bar for your interior design help! The kitchen is the heart of a home, it is the place you prepare your family meals and g...

Hi Anessa,

Unfortunately, I don’t see any photos of your living room but I’m going to do my best to make paint color recommendations based on your farmhouse style!


Hi Emmie,

Thank you so much for your pictures. I had to study them to understand your design dilemma carefully. Your style is farmhouse so if the wood trim and floo...

Free expert online interior design advice

What is the best way to make my basement wall appear longer and more stylish?

Sharon... Headshot

Hi Shelia,

Thank you for your pictures of your space. One of the first things I would do is edit your space clear it out so you can look at it with fresh eyes. I am going to conce...

Hello Michele!

Thank you for visiting the Design Bar for online interior design help! I have a few tips about coordinating together with the paint colors in yo...

Hi Holly,

All white kitchens can look fantasitc with the right finishes, hardware and lighting. However there are some things you have to remember when trying selec...

Hi Linda,

Thank you for coming to Design Bar for help with your Tuscan style home! I'd be happy to give my quick thoughts on how you can brighten up this beautiful ...

Hello Elisha!

Thank you for visiting the Design Bar for online interior design help! I have a few suggestions for art and curtains for your space:

  • Love t...
Free expert online interior design advice

Get personalized design advice.

Ask any design question and an expert designer will answer within 24 hours.


Free Interior Design Q&A - Decorist Design Bar

If you have an interior design question, let one of our 400+ interior designers give you personalized design advice, for free and within 24 hours! Just give us information on your interior design question, upload a photo of your space and we'll notify you when one of our designers has completed your answer. Each answer comes with details on different options and a personalized shopping list for you. Here are the main categories for the most common design questions:

Accessory Help

Need help picking accessories to give your room a new look? Our interior designers can help with pillows, tabletop or mantle decor, lighting and lamps, art, rugs, and more. Examples of Accessory Help questions include help on creating a gallery wall of art an pictures in your living room, finding new bed linen and lighting to update your bedroom, decorating a nursery with wallpaper, or giving your family room a new look by adding new pillows and a new rug in a fresh color.

Design Dilemma

If you need help with a tricky floor plan, decorating a tiny space, or ways to mix two different design styles, our interior designers can give you professional advice to find a design solution. Examples of Design Dilemma questions include help on creating different functional areas within an open concept floor plan, making a tiny bathroom feel larger, or finding ways to mix traditional furniture in a modern style space.

Paint Color

Our interior designers have decorated thousands of rooms between them and have worked with the whole spectrum of color. If you're trying to decide on a paint color for any room in your home, or to do a little DIY transformation of an item of furniture, our designers can help. Want the perfect shade of blue for your bedroom or a bold accent wall in yellow for your living room that won't look too glaring? Submit a Paint Color question and get your answer in 24 hours.

Finding Items

If you're having trouble finding that one item of furniture, our designers can provide you with options personalized for your space. Looking for the perfect sofa that will work in a traditional style room? Need a small-scale armchair to fit into a cozy corner? Our designers have access to special brands and are up to date with the latest design and decorating trends in the marketplace. The interior design who answers your design question can provide you with options that you might not have thought of, from brands you may not be as familiar with.

Choosing Art

Finding art is one of the most frequently submitted questions our interior designers get. Art can help transform a space and is one of the hardest things to find. Great art also doesn't have to be expensive and our interior designers are great at finding options at every decorating budget level. The most interesting and dynamic designs also mix art from different styles and our designers can help you put together different pieces of art in your room.

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