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Your Guide to All Things Rattan

MAY 13, 2021
Photo credit: Nina Farmer

Looking at the current trends in interior design, rattan saw a resurgence in 2020 and that newfound popularity isn’t going away anytime soon.  Not only is rattan an eco-friendly material (it grows like a weed and, when harvesting, the tip of the vine is replanted making it a renewable resource), it makes for a visually interesting space.  The natural woven texture of rattan furniture and decor is a wonderful counterpoint to other sleek or smooth surfaces in your home.  And the beauty of rattan is that it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune to get the look. You don’t need much to add depth to a space, a little can go a long way.  

Feeling inspired?  Here are our top designer picks for adding rattan to your home and infusing it with a little extra warmth.



Swap out lampshades to add texture and warmth to your space for an easy and quick way to get in on the rattan trend. You can find great vintage ones on Etsy and Chairish or go for a bold look with an oversized lantern-style fixture over your dining table.  Play with proportions for an unexpected twist on traditional lighting.  It’s a great way to add some character to your space without committing to a full look. 

1. Madras Lantern by Chairish  2. Wall Sconce by Serena & Lily  3.  Moroccan Pendant Light found on Etsy  4. Table Lamp by Urban Outfitters  5. Parasol Lamp by 2Modern




The key to incorporating larger rattan pieces is to be selective so as not to over do it.  Too much rattan is too much of a good thing and can quickly make a home feel dated.  But, when balanced with more modern pieces, it feels timeless.  Try a rattan element on a dining chair or accent chair (rattan is also comfortable as it has some natural give).  We love this coffee table for creating a sense of openness and texture in a living room.  Or bring the look into the bedroom with a woven bed frame to add a natural, organic feel to the space. 


1. Rattan Pair of Chairs by Urban Outfitters   2. Coffee Table by Lulu & Georgia  3. Bar Cart by Bed Bath & Beyond  4. Coffee Table by Urban Outfitters  5. Platform Bed by Lulu & Georgia  6. Venice Chair by Serena & Lily  7. Side Table by Jayson Home


Decor and Accessories


With summer on the horizon, rattan feels so fresh right now.  The warm, neutral tones feel relaxed and chic, perfect for leaning into the summer months ahead.  The organic nature of rattan is easy to style as it mixes perfectly with both antiques and more modern pieces.  The versatility of rattan makes it a wonderful choice for furniture, lighting or other decor items.  We love the rustic feel of this oversized floor mirror.  Vases and baskets are easy, beautiful ways to add texture to your home. And don’t forget about your tabletop.  Rattan placemats allow you to layer materials without being too obvious.  

1. Island Jars by Jayson Home  2. Storage Basket by Bed Bath & Beyond  3. Leaning Floor Mirror by Anthropologie  4. Wall Hanger by McGee & Co 5. Placemat by Bed Bath & Beyond


Want some help adding rattan into your space? Decorist's designers are ready and waiting. Start a design project today!


* Every product is independently selected by our stylish, expert designers and we only use an affiliate link on items we love, and would include regardless.  We may receive a small commission on things you buy through our links. 


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