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7 Paint Colors That Are Dominating Interiors Right Now

DECEMBER 10, 2018

If the changing of seasons has you itching for a décor refresh, you’re not alone. Whether it’s the clean and crisp air or the increased amount of time spent indoors, this season often has us rethinking our interiors. While a full-blown makeover may be out of your budget, repainting your home a new color is both affordable and impactful design-wise.

This season, we’re updating our homes with fresh coats of paint in shades that remind us of everything from the deep blue sea to the blue skies. So get ready and grab a paint roller—these are the seven paint colors to decorate with this season.

1. Charcoal Blue

Transform a room into a tranquil, relaxing oasis with charcoal blue reminiscent of the sea. The moody, deep hue will bring out the serene vibes of the space, while its neutral, gray-like undertones keep it feeling classic and sophisticated.


2. Black

Photo credit: Alyssa Rosenheck

A bold, statement-making black paint color instantly brings balance and adds drama to any space. As a bonus, black looks perennially chic when contrasted with metallic and brass décor — the dark hues combined with high shine make for an even more luxe look. We couldn’t think of a better way to wow guests during the holidays.


3. Bright White

While dark hues pair well with cozy nights in and dinner parties, bright white is perfect for those naturally well-lit rooms (think: rooms with big windows) that you just want to kick back and relax in during the daytime. The bright white walls recede into the background while being oh-so-fresh, giving you plenty of visual space to breathe and brightness for extra vibrancy.


4. Deep Mauve

Say hello to this season’s hottest neutral — deep mauve. Not quite beige, but with just as much minimalistic appeal, this beautiful paint color will elevate any room in the house. The best part about mauve: it works with every design style. Whether the hue commands attention to designer décor or an eclectic mix of high and low furniture, you can bet that this paint color brings out the best of all that’s in your space.


5. Light Blue

No, we’re not quite done with pastels yet. A light blue paint that has a hint of gray in it feels sophisticated and makes one bright and fresh statement. The sky-like hue works as a neutralizing background, creating a happy, vibrant room.

6. Warm White

Whether you want to create a cozy living room or a clean and elegant kitchen, you can’t go wrong with warm white paint. This season, warm white is forever chic and timeless. With a bit of that beige, late afternoon tone, warm white walls give off nothing but clean and serene energy.

7. True Gray

Want more than the same ol’ white walls you’re used to? Gray is the perfect backdrop for a sophisticated study or a holiday gathering that’s full of autumnal and wintry vibes. A soft, light gray is warm yet still neutral, creating subtle style that brings some color into your home.

Want to know what color you should paint your room? Start a Decorist design project today and let one of our designers choose the right shade for you. It’s simple, affordable and completely online. Revamp your space now! Happy decorating!

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