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What You Should Know About Working With an Interior Designer

MARCH 12, 2019

If it’s your first time working with an interior designer, you may feel a little daunted. How will your designer be able to capture your style? Can you really afford this? Do you have to get rid of your existing furniture? How quickly can your space come together? There are probably countless questions running through your mind. Thankfully, we’ve done this before—thousands of times—so we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Today we thought we’d share a little guide with a few tips on what to expect from the interior design process.


1. You Don’t Need to Have "a Style"

Here at Decorist, our clients range from those who can’t differentiate plaid from stripes to those who are are deeply passionate about decorating and have a vision for exactly the type of home they want to live in. No matter where you land on that decorating knowledge spectrum, we are excited to work with you! As part of our design process, you’ll share any design inspiration (Pinterest images, magazine cut-outs, etc.) that you may have and take a style quiz if need be. Our designers are skilled at asking you all the right questions necessary to “unearth” your style. You may not have thought you even had a design style, but trust us, we’ll find it!


2. Anything Goes

This is your house—you make the rules! Our designers are here to help you create the most beautiful room or rooms possible within your style and budget. They’ll help you make smart choices about where you spend your budget, what layouts will work best for your space, and what colors and decor selections will bring your space to life. Don’t be afraid to speak up about what’s important to you If you have any special preferences about what you want to buy or what existing pieces you intend to keep, they are all ears! Want to spend 60% of your budget on a new sofa and go with more affordable finds for the rest of your design? That’s your prerogative. Want us to source only made-in-America pieces? We’re game. Want to keep that leather La-Z-Boy from college? We might fight you on that one, but your house, your rules.


3. Good Design Takes Time

There’s a reason we’ve got 5 stars on Google reviews: We are intent on making you happy! We want nothing more than for you to LOVE and rave about your new room design—and we’ve got a 100% happiness guarantee to prove it! That said, good design takes time. Most room design projects take two to three weeks complete. From there, the time until your new room is completely installed depends on how quickly you purchase your new furniture and decor and how quickly our vendors ship. All in all, it’s a matter of weeks—not months or years, which is it what it usually takes when you work with a traditional interior designer.


4. No Design Challenge Is Too Tough

Have an oddly shaped room or an unusual decor request? No design challenge is a lost cause here at Decorist. Our designers are skilled at tackling the toughest spatial conundrums and tracking down the most obscure furnishings. Don’t worry if you think that small room of yours is destined to be a storage closet—just be open to your designer’s ideas and prepare to color yourself surprised and excited.


5. It’s Going to Be Fun!

For the longest time, your living room may have felt like a headache or your master bedroom may have been overlooked. Now that you’ve decided to collaborate with an interior designer, you can put those feelings of unease about your home and GET EXCITED! As soon as you begin communicating with your designer, sharing inspiration, and reviewing his or her concept boards for your home, you’ll be thrilled with all the potential in your home and your life. You may not have realized how much you could LOVE your home, but it’s happening, so buckle your seatbelt for this fun ride into a gorgeously designed new lifestyle.


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