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Turn Your Bedroom Into An In-Law Suite

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Turn Your Basement Into An In-Law Suite

A large portion of homeowners in the United States have a basement at their disposal.  Basements are like homes in that they come in - all shapes, sizes and states of repair.  A lot of people simply use basements for storage of their things that have no place anywhere else.  Others will finish at least part of their basement to create an extra room.  Still others will build a man cave for a special place to watch television. For those of us with in-laws or other family members who visit regularly, basements may present another option – an in-law suite.  Turning your basement into an in-law suite is a bit of a process for those who have not done it before, but once you have the structural changes complete, all that's left is decorating it to feel like part of the home.  Below are some ideas for turning your basement into a perfect in-law suite.


Use the Plumbing

Most basements have some type of plumbing infrastructure nearby.  This is a tremendous opportunity to add a sink, a toilet or even a shower down there.  A nice basement interior design could even include building walls and a floor around those structures to complete a full bathroom.  This will add an enormous amount of utility to the space and provide your guests with an added degree of privacy that they will most certainly appreciate. 


Create Rooms

A large number of basements are basically the bare bones of a home – exposed stone or concrete walls and exposed wood for the ceiling that are basically the floor support boards for the rooms above.  You can add a wall or two in the basement to create different rooms, such as a bedroom, a sitting room and perhaps the aforementioned bathroom.  Separate rooms create the illusion of space and add even more privacy to the area.  That’s some basement decorating that everyone is sure to appreciate.


Drop Ceilings Make a Difference

Basement interior design involves every element of the space, just like every other room.  You won’t want to leave exposed beams or wood for people to have to look at.  Drop ceilings are relatively simple to add, they generally do not cost an exorbitant amount and they will make a tangible difference in the overall ambience of the room.  Your guests will appreciate feeling as though they have their own spot to stay, and that will only be enhanced by an attractive ceiling.


Light Up the Night

Basements, obviously, are underground.  You’re not going to get much if any light in the area from windows.  Most basements have basic light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, but your basement interior design should include lighting that recreates what rooms upstairs would look and feel like.  Good lighting always makes a very big difference, and you can choose from light fixtures, lamps or even recess lighting depending on your preferences.


If you’d like to learn more about what can be done with your basement decorating that will turn that space into an in-law suite, work with a Decorist designer to transform the space. Any one of our 400+ designers can create a beautiful in-law suite from your basement, in any style and at any budget. Start a project today!

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