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Decorist Designs Tressle's NYC Pop-up Shop

DECEMBER 22, 2015

Earlier this month, Decorist had the honor of designing a holiday pop-up shop for Tressle, a unique online marketplace for home design.

The temporary shop was created at Nolita Cleaning Co. a shared retail space in NYC’s chic Nolita neighborhood. Decorist Head of Design, Ashley Redmond, was tasked with creating a “living” showroom featuring furnishings and other design pieces sourced exclusively from Tressle’s extensive assortment of unique designs and everyday home furnishings.

The Decorist showroom featured an eclectic mix of the haute to the handmade, and was a fun way to get into the spirit of the holidays with the mindset of a designer.

We checked in with Ashley, post show, to find out more about her creative process and the inspiration that went into this winning collaboration with one of our favorite design retailers.


Ashley Redmond Design


What design challenges did you face?


First, the Nolita space is set up to be multifunctional where there are a number of businesses that work out of the same storefront. That needed to be taken into consideration as did wanting to really showcase the Tressle product. I also had to consider the traffic flow and how creating dining and living areas might take advantage of how people would browse and shop. Having a coffee shop “next door” was a good fit in creating this lifestyle space where shoppers were invited to kick back with a latte on a comfy sofa or get some work done at the dining table.


What atmosphere were you aiming to create?


I wanted the showroom to be colorful, comfortable and a place that was interesting from every vantage point. I accomplished this by bringing in layered fabrics, textures and a variety of wood grains throughout the space.


Nolita Pop-up Shop


What were some designs that really stood out?


My inspiration for the space was a rug designed by the wonderful designer Thom Felicia. The color and print of the rug really set the stage. I love the idea of a colorful piece that draws your attention and this rug really did that. I also gravitated to a carved chest that had a cool heritage vibe that evoked the rustic California feel that I wanted to convey.


Tressle Products

Tressle Chair


What draws us and other design lovers to is the convenience of being able to shop chic handcrafted pieces made by local artisans and to get inspired by what’s coming out of the studios of some of the most sought-after emerging designers.

Mind-blowing design curated and procurable all in one place? Now, that’s an enterprise we can really get behind.

If you’re interested in achieving a look similar to the Tressle showroom and working with designers like Ashley, learn more about starting a Decorist design project.

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