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Trend Alert: Oversize Florals

JULY 29, 2018
Photo credit: Anewall

It seems the past is more present than ever when it comes to home decor trends at the moment. Just as we’re seeing a resurgence of ’80s design, colorful oversize florals with major flourish are having a moment. It’s no surprise since big bold blooms dominated the Spring 2018 fashion runways, and we’re thrilled it’s branched into the design world and homes all over.

While captivating floral wallpaper has long been a decorator staple, we’re also seeing flower prints go bigger and bolder and used in more graphic—even unexpected—ways to lift rooms. From painterly to opulent, read on for a few of our favorite takes on oversize florals we’ve recently seen.

If swathing an entire wall in flowers feels overwhelming, take it to a less permanent surface. An eye-catching rug with big florals can provide the same vivid impact in a room with less design commitment. Take cue from this verdant entry, where a dramatic floral rug commands the space and beckons the eye as soon as guests enter the home.

Image via The Rug Company

Of course, there’s no denying the romantic beauty of floral wallpapers, but with oversize flower prints the effect is boldly amplified. In designing a new home for The Bachelorette’s Kaitlyn Bristowe and hubby Shawn Booth, Decorist Creative Director, Jessica McCarthy, opted for a stunning oversize floral wallpaper in Kaitlyn’s home office and “Podcast Room” that lends major allure. It also made for the perfect backdrop for a mix of glamorous brass designs, such as the desk and tufted slipper chair, which help round out the room with a sophisticated feminine look.

Designed by Decorist Creative Director Jessica McCarthy + photo by Alyssa Rosenheck


When it comes to oversize florals, wallpaper (and a big rug) might be the immediate go-to for adding major impact, but designer Lilly Bunn took a more unexpected approach in this family living room. Rather than going all out on the walls, Bunn went with a pair of armchairs upholstered in a color-charged flower print that injects both whimsy and pop—which perfectly offset the dark-green velvet sofa and neutral shag rug.

 Lilly Bunn Design from OKL


If you’re looking for an easy way to play with big floral patterns, try hanging a gorgeous tapestry with a flower design in your space. In this bathroom, the vintage hanging adds both painterly color and warmth to the otherwise pristine space while also functioning as an unexpected art piece.

In her simple yet elegant dining room, illustrator Kate Schelter proves that big florals can captivate in a space without appearing dominating. The large watercolor floral painting above the buffet serves as a colorful focal point that both elevates and enlivens the otherwise neutral room; and it doesn’t take away from the other furnishings and pretty accents within the space.

Kate Schelter from OKL


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