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Tour The Tiny Treehouse

JANUARY 27, 2017
Photo credit: Julia Sperling

Living in a small house or apartment is common —and trendy —today. If you have ever walked the isles of Ikea or watch Tiny Nation you will know exactly what we're talking about. With people flocking to metropolitan areas or simply wanting a smaller footprint it has become a trend that has swept the country. And who says bigger is better anyway? Even furniture retailers are adjusting the scale of their furniture lines and designers are quick to learn ways to maximize space.

Decorist Elite designer, Ashley Redmond, is no stranger to this concept. In fact, she recently moved into a 500 square foot "treehouse" nestled in the woods of Marin county, right over the Golden Gate bridge. Needless to say, the size of her new home did not compromise her fabulous style. Instead she designed the ultimate laid-back, Bohemian retreat that recently was featured in Apartment Therapy.

Today, we will take you on a tour of Ashley's tiny treehouse and share some tips on how to design a small space with big impact.

Use Unique Lighting To Create Drama 


Use Rugs To Define Spaces 


Add Organic Elements and Texture 


Make The Most Of Your Walls For Storage 


Add Unique Personal Elements 


Play With Pops Of Color 

If you have a small space—or even a big space—and need some design help, pop over to our Decorist designer page to start your own design project today. You can work with one of our 450+ professional interior designers who will design your room in your style and budget all for a flat fee. It's easy, fast and fun!




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