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Top 10 Bedrooms of 2016

DECEMBER 27, 2016

Choosing our top 10 bedrooms of 2016 from the thousands we worked on this year was no easy task. We at Decorist HQ each had our personal favorites (including many great designs that didn't make the list) but in the end, we loved these 10 for the way they transformed the space, made the most impact from the budget given and, most of all, reflected our clients' unique personal styles. These 10 bedroom designs beautifully combined form and function, and make a strong argument for the case that your bedroom isn't just a place you go to sleep, but where you relax, unwind and recharge to win another day. And if that's true, the last and first thing you see should be a space you love.

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3D rendering of design by Samantha Piane, Classic designer

3D rendering of design by Cecilia Casagrande, Elite designer

3D rendering of design by Elena Calabrese, Elite designer

By Jessica McCarthy, Classic designer | Photo credit: Rennai Hoefer

Lush, cozy and sophisticated glam bedroom

3D rendering of design by JLA Designs, Classic designer

Traditional bedroom by Decorist

3D rendering of design by Kendall Ponger, Classic designer

By Ashley Redmond, Elite designer | Photo credit: Carla Choy

3D rendering of design by Jessica McCarthy, Classic designer

Boutique hotel style

3D rendering of bedroom design by Lori Henle, Elite designer

By Ashley Redmond, Elite designer | Photo by Carol Vaziri

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