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The Top Trend in Wall Art

JULY 30, 2015

We hope you remember a thing or two from your childhood crafting classes, because macramé and chunky knitted wall hangings are back in a big way. These stunning artisanal displays are bringing unexpected texture and shape to home decor, and for that, they have us totally on board. 


A 70's throwback, yes, these wall hangings are quickly proving themselves to be much more than just that. From rustic organic to funky modern, they make fabulous, unique, and eclectic pops of decor in really any space. 


Because we're feeling pretty darn in love, we thought we'd share a few of our absolute favorite finds. See for yourself what everyone is raving about! We're telling you, this trend is hot hot hot...



Cotton, wool, brass, and wood... the interest these pieces bring to a room is unlike anything else. Altogether, too cool. Find the shoppable links to all 6 of our picks below! 



The organic, flowing lines of this cream and wood Modern Cotton Tapestry, give it a natural, peaceful aesthetic. 



This Spun Yarn Wall Weaving, from Foggy Notion, has so much spunk! We love it's movement and bold texture. 



The mixing of natural cotton and marino wool makes for such gorgeous rustic coloring in this Hand Woven Wall Hanging.



The sharp, delicate contrast in this Gold & Cream Wall Hanging, is BEYOND tasteful.



We're obsessed with the layering of fringe in this Black Agate Hand Woven Tapestry!



While these Auras Dream Catchers are neither woven nor knit, their black feathers, dark thread, and gold beads, bring the texture and bohemian vibes that place them in the same, drool-worthy category. 


See, we told you! Macramé and chunky knits are back. Hop on board this year's hottest trend, and with these finds, bring a modern 70's twist into your space today!


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