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The Ultimate Guide for Throwing an Awards Party

FEBRUARY 23, 2016
Photo credit: Decorist

Forget Vanity Fair, Mercedez Benz at the Montage and the Governor’s Ball. Make your awards party the one generating the biggest buzz.   

To get into the spirit of the much-celebrated, greatly-anticipated annual event with all its pomp, posing and over-the-top glamour, our enthusiastic Decorist design team has brainstormed the perfect awards party touches that you can easily incorporate into party space.

Check out these creative ways to get your space red-carpet ready for the big reveal on Sunday, February 28.


Your Own Red Carpet

Swap in a gorgeous red area rug that can serve as your own red carpet. Not only will it tie together the party theme beautifully, it can be a catalyst for making color changes in your space if you’ve been in the process of considering it.

My Domaine Red Carpet Entry

Photo Credit: My Domaine

(Designer tip: Keep your decorations on-trend with a chic oriental rug or overdyed red rug!) 

A red runner in an entryway or hallway leading to the party room will also set the mood and encourage lots of posing, posturing and talk of who’s wearing whom.


VIP Seating

Having comfortable, conversation-friendly seating is a must with any good party, but is especially critical when it comes to a viewing party. You’ll want to make sure all guests will have a cushy place to park it, but you also want to encourage mingling and moving about the room.

One Kings Lane Red Velvet Couch

Photo Credit: One Kings Lane

The goal is to create an cozy, inviting vibe, which can be achieved by adding plush velvet or microfiber upholstery to lend the opulent look of velvet theatre seating. A fire crackling and burning is always a nice touch.


Go for the Gold

Set your buffet or credenza with plenty of gold “statuettes.” Tall metallic gold vases grouped together make a good substitute for the real deal.

Photo Credit:

On awards night, it’s all about the drama and making a statement, so, where you would otherwise scale back with only light touches of bling and sheen, this is one opportunity where you shouldn’t be afraid to go all out.


Lights, Camera, Wardrobe!

Pick a Hollywood era and make it a theme party. Think about what your favorite film era is and plan a whole theme around it. If you’re obsessed with black and white silent films, create a roaring twenties speakeasy and convert a trunk into the wardrobe department filled with deco costume jewelry, fedoras and cigarette holders.

Photo Credit:

Consider carrying the theme over into your menu. For the 1920s, you might serve a buffet of minted lamb, scalloped potatoes and lots of bubbly. For the 1950s, chilled martinis and passed appetizers of rumaki and Oysters Rockefeller.


We also love the idea of playing up the Foreign Language category and choosing a national theme…perhaps a French theme in homage to the film Mustang.


Let the Voting Begin

Get all your guests in on the voting. When the academy doesn’t get it quite right, your guests will. 

Oscar Cupcakes

Photo Credit:

There are many other fun and creative ways to incorporate the film theme throughout the evening. You can purchase “Best Actor” cupcake labels, have guests create their own acceptance speeches and give out your own version of the Oscar statuette as a prize for the best dressed, best red carpet pose or best made-up prize category.


The sky’s the limit with this glamorous party theme. You’ll have your guests channeling their inner JLaw and Leo DiCaprio in no time. The Oscars rarely disappoint and your party will, no doubt, be the best of the best.


If all the party planning has you thinking about ways to add much-needed glamorous touches or reconfigure your space for entertaining, consider talking to a Decorist designer about embarking on a fun, new design project.

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