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The Top 20 Rooms of Summer


This has been a summer of great designs, amazing before-and-after transformations and best of all, happy customers. While we always find it hard to pick among all our room designs, you definitely had favorites - these are our top 20 rooms of the summer, based on your pins, likes, shares, tweets, calls and clicks. Did your favorite make the list?

Modern-Eclectic Living and Dining Bachelor Pad

By Joanna Staniszewski, Classic Designer

Modern-Eclectic Living Room - $10,000

By Kyra Williams, Classic designer

By Jessica McCarthy, Classic designer | Photo credit: Rennai Hoefer

By Audrey Dyer, Classic designer

By Sherry Tarrant, Classic designer

By HCC Designs, Classic designer

Clean and masculine minimalist bedroom

By Lauren Martin, Elite designer

Lush, cozy and sophisticated glam bedroom

By JLA Designs, Classic designer

By Ashley Redmond, Elite designer | Photo credit: Jana Williams

Traditional bedroom by Decorist

By Kendall Ponger, Classic designer


Traditional living room "after"

By Ivonne Tiu, Classic designer

Boutique hotel style

By Lori Henle, Elite designer

Traditional-eclectic living room

By Julie Daniel, Classic designer

Sophisticated Southwestern Living Room

By HCC Designs, Classic designer

By Ashley Redmond, Elite designer | Photo credit: Carla Choy

By Jenna Gaidusek, Classic designer

By Abbe Fenimore, Elite designer

By Ashley Redmond, Elite designer

By Sarah Whit, Elite designer

By Kristopher Dukes, Elite designer

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