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Study On Apartment Size

JULY 20, 2016

Study: Apartments Are Getting Smaller

We’ve written recently about the relative size of apartments for rent in different cities across the United States.  We know now where the biggest and smallest apartments are based on overall average.  What we know now, thanks to a new study, is that in general apartments are getting smaller in size almost regardless of the market being analyzed.  That is the result of research that was recently completed by RCLCO Real Estate Advisors.  The study compared the average sizes of apartments in 20 markets in the United States during two consecutive time periods.

What the researchers found was that between 2000 and 2009, apartments that were built averaged almost 990 square feet.  Apartments built between 2010 and now average approximately 917 square feet.  That’s a decrease of 70 square feet, or 7 percent.  In short, apartments are getting smaller.  A link to all of the research that was published can be found here.  This means that it may be time to rethink how you handle your apartment interior design. 

When apartment size reduction is broken down by region when comparing these two timeframes, it’s clear that this is a consistent pattern.  Below are those reductions by region:

  • West – Apartment size reduced by 8 percent.

  • East – Apartment size reduced by 8 percent.

  • Midwest – Apartment size reduced by 9 percent

  • South – Apartment size reduced by 5 percent.


So What Does This Mean?

What this study means is that people who are living in apartments need to be ready to do more with less space.  It means that people’s approach to apartment decorating should be adjusted to make sure that they are not trying to stuff too much, well, stuff, into a space that won’t accommodate all of it.  Efficiency is the latest hallmark of apartment interior design.  Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that anyone has to sacrifice style.

There is a lot that can be done in a small space.  For instance, people who may not have a set-apart bedroom can combine a couch with a bed, and yes, do so with style.  People who may not have a separate kitchen may want to incorporate some sitting space with their eating space.  People who may not have an enormous bathroom may want to think about ways that they can combine normal functions in that room with others. 

If this all sounds foreign, you’re almost certainly far from alone.  Apartment interior design projects are not easy for those who do not have professional experience.  Fortunately, if you work with Decorist you’ll have an experienced professional working with you all the way through the process.  Start a project today!

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