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Step Inside! Cheer Star Morgan Simianer's Stylish First Apartment

MARCH 4, 2021
Photo credit: Morgan Simianer

Not since Kirsten Dunst's spirit fingers in "Bring It On" has the world been tuning in to watch the cutthroat world of competitive cheerleading.  If you're anything like us, when CHEER dropped on Netflix we became obsessed with the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team.  It was the small-town Texas cheerleading show you didn't know you needed.  Morgan Simianer, the talented Cheer star, was a fast fan favorite as we rooted for her to get a spot on the squad. Now, the 23-year old has a new landing to stick: decorating her first apartment. 

After signing the lease on a one-bedroom apartment in Dallas, Morgan reached out to Decorist and Bed Bath & Beyond to help design her new digs.  Together with the help of Decorist Elite designer Hannah Miller, the Cheer star transformed the blank space into a cozy, chic apartment that she was excited to call home.  

Read on to see Morgan's stylish apartment and the product picks that guided each step of the design process. 


Morgan wanted her new apartment to feel comfortable, cozy, and have lots of greenery. However, she didn’t have a specific vision in mind but knew it was important for the space to feel personal.

To start, she was paired with Decorist Elite designer Hannah Miller who helped guide Morgan through the design process. "Morgan wanted to make sure the apartment was homey and felt like her,"  she said.


While the new space was a big step-up from Morgan's tiny dorm room, the one-bedroom apartment needed some expert design help to maximize the space. It was a small apartment and needed to have those small space planning tips and tricks. 

"You would never know how small this place was from the pictures, but it is only 773 square feet in total," reveals Hannah. "I added a floating TV wall unit which took up less room helping to make the living room feel more spacious. Also, I recommended adding a large round mirror over the sofa to add depth and light."  Needless to say, these key furniture pieces were perfect for the space.  

For the color palette, Hannah grounded the space in soft neutrals and then created interest by bringing in a few unexpected textures and pops of color. "Right at the beginning of this project, I knew we had to have wallpaper. You don't have to be limited when it comes to apartment living, we just had to get a little more creative!  Bed Bath & Beyond has a great assortment of peel-and-stick wallpapers at such affordable pricing," said the designer. "I picked this specific banana leaf wallpaper for the print and soft color."


Since Morgan loves to host family and friends, Hannah outfitted her space with tons of items to make it easy to entertain— of course, once it's safe again.  There are plenty of cozy seating options for lounging and a cute rattan bar cart for all of her party needs.  Pretty pink tumblers, a tall vase full of pampas grass, some draping greenery, and a jar of multi-colored straws make the cart feel organized and stylish. Adding the fun Prada storefront photograph taken in Marfa, Texas adds a playful element to the space as well. 


When it comes to making a home feel cozy, it's all about texture.  By layering multiple rugs in the living area, the room feels cohesive and curated.  Woven jute, a hide rug, and a vintage-inspired print feel collected and unique.  Decorative styling elements is an important part of any design. "Her home is sprinkled with unique crafted pieces from local artisans, vintage accessories, cozy blankets, and purposeful art like the woven rope wall hanging from Candice Luter— which are all essential to any design. Her home really took on a developed, polished, and beautiful character through interiors, style, and connection," said Hannah. 


Morgan is hard-pressed to pick a favorite item in her living room.  "It’s so hard to narrow it down to one! My favorite items in my living room are the chandelier, the floating entertainment center, and the emerald green velvet chair," she said.  "Although at first, I couldn’t picture myself buying a green chair on my own, it’s grown on me so much and I absolutely LOVE it!"



With an open-plan living and kitchen area, Hannah wanted to make sure that the two separate spaces still felt cohesive.  She did that by installing three hanging pendant lights with rattan shades over the kitchen island, tying in the bohemian moments throughout the living room. Hannah chose comfy taupe barstools in faux suede for more texture and a bit of sophistication. 



For the bedroom, Morgan wanted an eclectic, bohemian bedroom design with lots of textures, soft colors, and plenty of plants. Using natural materials like the wooden bench and a palette of ivory, gray, and green, Hannah created a peaceful retreat for Morgan to relax and unwind.  However, the real show-stopper in the room was the shibori patterned queen bed paired with the white linen bedding that added to that designer-curated look and feel.


As you can see, Hannah nailed the design and helped bring Morgan's new apartment to life, making sure all her goals were met. "Listening to all of my clients’ wants and needs is crucial. Morgan was very easygoing and had a great aesthetic. Neutral tones and touches of bohemian accents with an overall modern feel were key design points she wanted to be incorporated within the space," she said.

"It was a pleasure to work with Hannah! She's an absolute sweetheart and very good at what she does," shared Morgan. "She has such creative ideas and knows how to make anything look perfect. It’s been a dream come true to be able to have my own place!"

Feeling inspired by Morgan's makeover? Start a Decorist design service today to affordably transform your home into a refined retreat that suits your own unique style. And now —drumroll, please— step inside and take a behind-the-scenes video tour of Morgan's stylish new apartment!



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