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Sofa Guide: Save vs. Splurge

MAY 27, 2021
Photo credit: Sarah Solis Design Studio

Whatever your style and budget, a great couch is the cornerstone of your home.  A true workhorse, the living room in general and your sofa in particular is where you kick back after a long day, catch up on your favorite Netflix show, maybe take an afternoon nap or FaceTime your best friend for a glass of wine.  With such a big role to play, it’s no wonder that shopping for a new sofa can take up hours of your time.  

Comfort is key when it comes to sofas so keep that in mind when picking something that fits your aesthetic.  Outside of your bed, your sofa is one of the most used pieces of furniture so you want something that looks and feels good.  Consider comfort, durability, style and get shopping. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite splurge finds along with some more affordable options to suit your style and your budget.  But best news, all of these picks are currently on sale through Memorial Day!


If you have the budget, why not spend a little extra on a high-quality sofa that you’ll have for years to come. Whether it’s in the living room, family room or den, the sofa is typically the focal point of a space and a great piece to invest in. Look for sofas made of high-quality materials like kiln-dried hardwood in linen, velvet or leather upholstery.  Classic, transitional silhouettes are a safe bet and you can be sure you won’t tire of them even if your overall style changes down the road.  But, needless to say, we’re completely swooning over that drop-dead gorgeous sculptural “croissant sofa”  that has been filling up our Instagram feed.


1. 2Modern Blu Dot Velvet Sofa  2. 2Modern Gus Margot Sofa

1.  Apt 2B Phantom Leather Sofa 2. McGee & Co. Macy Upholstered Sofa

1. McGee & Co. Reese Curved Sofa 2. 2Modern Gubi Croissant Sofa

1. McGee & Co. Hale Sofa  2. McGee & Co. Everleigh Sofa



Sofa shopping can be so overwhelming, with the millions of search results out there.  And we get it—buying one of the most important pieces of furniture for your home can be nerve wracking, and buying an affordable sofa is even harder.  Buying an affordable sofa online without getting to give it a test drive makes you want to run screaming for the hills.  So, before you grab something you’ll regret out of desperation, our designers decided to roundup a few of their favorite sofas under $2,000.  We know this is still an investment, but all of these picks are on sale through Memorial Day for your buying pleasure.


1. 2Modern Blu Dot One Night Stand  2. Inside Weather Custom Levi Sofa

1. Castlery Adams Sofa  2. Apt 2B Delilah Sofa

1. Burrow 3-Piece Range Sofa  2. The Floyd Sofa

1. 2Modern Caracole Remix Sofa  2. Inside Weather Latte Aero


Need help finding the perfect sofa for your space? Let our expert designers help you create your dream living room. Start a design project today!


* Every product was selected by our expert designers and we only use an affiliate link on items we love, and would include regardless.  We may receive a small commission on things you buy through our links. 

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