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Sneak Peek! Sophie Miura of MyDomaine Gets a Decorist Makeover From Jeremiah Brent

JULY 28, 2017
Photo credit: Courtesy of MyDomaine and West Elm

Moving to a new apartment is the perfect opportunity to start fresh and rethink your décor. So when MyDomaine’s Senior Editor Sophie Miura made the big move from Australia to New York City and reached out to us about transforming her small living room, we were pretty darn excited.

Sophie has obvious good taste with a more than impressive résumé in lifestyle editorial, so unsurprisingly, she partnered with Decorist Celebrity Designer Jeremiah Brent, who is known for his style and craftmanship. With his recent TV show, Nate & Jeremiah by Design, he clearly knows a thing or two about makeovers. Jeremiah quickly got to work to give Sophie's small NYC living room an ultra-stylish makeover fit for hosting friends as well as kicking back and relaxing in.

The challenge? Her living room is tiny, a pretty much guaranteed issue shared by most NYC renters. And on top of that, it has some of the common quirks of a city apartment (while living in the concrete jungle is fantastic for many reasons, oddly-placed pipes, heaters and dated cabinets are generally not ideal). Luckily, for Jeremiah, he is well versed in many design challenges—and limited square footage, or apartment quirks, are nothing new.

Here is a sneak peek of how the process has been unfolding and find out what’s to come in our big reveal.



As Sophie outlined in her questionnaire, her wants are to maximize space while creating a thoughtfully designed room, with focus on modern and elevated design elements. The living room should be their relaxing getaway, as she and her boyfriend like to host friends and watch TV in the common area.



Sophie described her style as: “Minimal, black and white with interesting materials like dark marble, rough brass, and leather. We like wood, but it might be difficult because of kitchen cabinets and yellow-toned floorboards. I’m drawn to contemporary furniture with an interesting silhouette—I love round, organic lines.”

Sophie shared her inspiration with Jeremiah—a lovely fusion of understated elegance and modern design. See Sophie’s inspiration from her Pinterest board below.



After going over her questionnaire, inspiration and discussing the nitty gritty details of the space, Jeremiah created two design boards that embrace Sophie’s small space and nail that balance between style and functionality. Below is the final design Sophie choose for her new living room space.



Stay tuned for the "real" reveal in a couple weeks on our blog + MyDomaine. And, fear not, we'll be sure to share the shopping list with all the great furniture and accessories as well.  

If you're feeling inspired and want to start your own design project hop over to the how it works page to learn more. Happy Decorating!


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