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Sneak Peek! Boutique Owner Sherri McMullen Gets a Living Room Makeover by Forbes + Masters

FEBRUARY 27, 2021
Photo credit: Shop McMullen

Sherri McMullen is no stranger to great design.  The fashion luminary and owner of McMullen, a high-end women's boutique with locations in Palo Alto and Oakland, CA, is beloved in the world of fashion.  With one of the top boutiques in the country according to Women's Wear Daily, Sherri exudes energy and confidence that is all her own.  Her distinctive point of view made her a natural fit for Decorist Celebrity Designers Forbes + Masters, the interior design duo currently giving Sherri's downtown Oakland high rise a fresh new look.  

Forbes + Masters embrace bold, eclectic designs that speak to Sherri's personality and lifestyle.  Sherri's boutiques are all about inclusivity, she is hailed as "Oakland's Fashion Diversity Ambassador," and female empowerment.  The designers wanted to turn Sherri's open concept living room and dining area into a space that is playful, functional and warm and have partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to create the look using modern but timeless furniture and decor. 

The challenge?  Creating a comfortable space that feels sophisticated enough for Sherri but cozy and fun for her five-year-old son with a proper place for them to eat together.  One of Sherri's top requests is to get rid of the uncomfortable barstools tucked around the kitchen island.  She wants the apartment to feel like an extension of her boutiques - welcoming, beautiful and warm. 

Here is a sneak peek of how the process has been unfolding and find out what’s to come in our big reveal.



As Sherri outlined in her questionnaire, her wants are to create a comfortable, beautiful space with a focus on modern, cool design elements.  The living room should be a relaxing place for Sherri and her son to watch TV and a true dining area should be carved out for family meals.  A designer's dream, the living room/dining area are flooded with light from the floor-to-ceiling windows around the entire space and Sherri would love to maximize the feeling of being surrounded by nature with some indoor plants.




Sherri described her style as: “Cozy and warm.  I like to anchor a space in neutral colors like beige, cream, light mustard, ochre and soft roses, bringing in print and pattern through art or wallpaper."  Inspiration comes from her beautiful McMullen boutiques. 



After going over her questionnaire, inspiration and discussing all of her hopes and dreams for the space, Forbes + Masters created two design boards that embrace Sherri's open concept living/dining space and nail that balance between style and functionality.  From the brass and marble dining table to the rich chocolate velvet sofa, the new design is all about glamour and shine. Below is the final design Sherri choose for her new space.



McMullen is passionate about discovering and supporting up-and-coming designers and it is a big focus of hers "to bring in more African and African American designers... there's so much talent."  Forbes + Masters share that vision, choosing a cool wallpaper for an accent wall from their collab with Mitchell Black and artwork from Candice Luter and LouLou Art Studio round out the walls.  



Stay tuned for the "real" reveal in a couple weeks. And, fear not, we'll be sure to share the shopping list with all the great furniture and accessories as well.  

If you're feeling inspired and want to start your own design project hop over to the Design Services Page to learn more. Happy Decorating!


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