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Sneak Peak of the Seattle Showhouse

JANUARY 20, 2016

Next week we’ll be unveiling some seriously gorgeous images of our Seattle Showhouse. As you may have read, we’ve partnered with and Porch to transform a home in the Queen Anne’s neighborhood of Seattle into an unbelievable show-stopping, design showhouse! You'll be able to see the beautiful rooms, shop the products and learn more about how the online interior design process works. Of course, you might be wondering, “will it work?” The answer is, YES!

Now with less 10 days to go, we are going to give you a sneak peek to see what's happening behind the scene first-hand and how this whole design process unfolds.


First Stop: The Online Interior Design Process


In an exciting display of technology and creativity our design team came together to create a gorgeous house that can be achieved in any city or small town. All the rooms designed in the Seattle Showhouse we’re done 100% VIRTUALLY! That’s right! None of the designers had ever stepped foot in the house before or during the design process. Each designer was provided with room measurements and photos of the space that they were to decorate. After getting feedback from the homeowner, our team of designers set out to create beautiful, thoughtful rooms all sourced online using ATG furniture and accessories. To add a unique flare to their rooms, some of the designers sourced artwork and wallpaper from local Seattle artisans — also sourced online. For each room in the house, design boards were created and a detailed shopping list was also provided. All of the products are being shipped directly to the house for easy, seamless installation. Porch professionals are being brought in to do the handy work and complete the preparation process.  


Second Stop: Our Talented Team of Designers


Decorist Celebrity Designer Brian Paquette

Living Room/Dining Room — A study in neutrals and shape was the inspiration behind our design for the open living room and dining space. As a dual-function space this room already commands a lot of attention so making it subtle yet memorable was our goal.

Brian Paquette selected the following products for his design:


Living Room Design



Decorist Celebrity Designer Massucco Warner Miller

Family Room — The family room is intended as a cozy space to watch TV, read and relax with friends and family. Cozy doesn’t have to mean compromising on style, though, so we’re excited to present the perfect combination of both.

Check out some of Massucco Warner Miller's product selections for the family room:


Design Showhouse Family Room



Decorist Elite Designer Pulp Design Studios

Office — our goal for this space was to create an eclectic and lived-in feel for our homeowners. The results is a functional home office that exudes fearless style.  Offices have such strong functional needs that it’s easy to overlook the style element. But not this office! Wait and see.

We're loving Pulp Design Studio's furniture picks:


Office Design



Decorist Elite Designer Lindhesse Design

Foyer — The foyer is the gateway to the home and the first indication of what’s to come. I wanted to create a space that would set an inviting and warm tone for the rest of the house.

Lindhesse Design makes a statement with their entrance design.


Foyer Design



Decorist Head of Design Ashley Redmond

Kitchen — The kitchen has a modern yet warm feel and compliments the other designs throughout the house. Given that it is the hub of the home, I tried to ensure that the kitchen was sleek yet comfortable and a place where you'd like to gather.

Ashley Remond pulls some amazing finds for the kitchen from ATG:


Kitchen In Design Showhouse



Decorist Classic Designer Melissa Schenck

Boy’s Bedroom — My goal with the space was to create a room that a 15 year old boy would be comfortable in but that also was full of character and appeal for all ages. The result is a room that is masculine, youthful and blends in well with the rest of the rooms in the house.

Melissa Schenck curates some stylish furniture for this bedroom design:


Design Showhouse Boy's Room



Decorist Classic Designer Katja O’Brien

Girl’s Bedroom — For a tween girl who will soon be a teenager, my objective was to create a stylish, timeless room to dream and grow in. The room is inviting, playful but yet has a sense of sophistication.

What girl wouldn't love these products in her room? 


Design Showhouse Girls Room



Honorary Chairperson, ATG spokesperson Alexa Hampton

Master Bedroom — Because of the modern nature of the house, I gravitated toward clean lines, a palpable sense of comfort, and a neutral palette with pops of red that keep the eye entertained. The room is both relaxing and energizing, covering both needs of a master bedroom.


Third Stop: The Reveal 


We can't wait to share all these stunning designs on our social media and blog. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to countdown the days until our big reveal. If you're in the Seattle area join us on January 30th - 167 Prospect Street - for your own private tour of the Seattle Showhouse. Follow us #SeattleShowhouse

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