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5 Designer Tips to Create an Intimate But Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

NOVEMBER 19, 2020
Photo credit: EyeSwoon

Even though this Thanksgiving may not be like the ones in years past, it still can be intimate and special. Whether you're hosting a small dinner with your immediate family or for a few friends from your regular pod, our Decorist designers are here to give you some gorgeous inspiration for your tablesetting and tips on how to decorate for the occasion.

So now sit back and scroll throw as you dust off your china, pull out your crystal and holiday linens and get ready to make this Thanksgiving equally as special. We all need something to look forward to!

1. Pick your linens

Start by choosing linens for your table. You can go for a more organic, natural vibe with a simple burlap runner or neutral white or ivory linens to let the other elements of your table shine. However, some people prefer to have their linens be the focal point and will choose a festive holiday-themed tablecloth like this one. If that's the route you take, be sure to use solid dinnerware.

Photo credit: The New York Times


2. Use the good stuff

Perhaps not every sit-down dinner with friends and family is worthy of fine china and polished silver, but it's especially appropriate for Thanksgiving. And, of course, your dinnerware doesn't necessarily need to be ornate or "fine," but something special to make the table setting feel unique and celebratory. We like these simple black dinner plates, which are still elegant thanks to their stone finish and organic edges. And we will always approve of gold flatware (even for everyday use!) as it quickly makes any table feel a bit more festive.

Photo credit: My Little Fabric


3. Mix and match glassware

The right glassware can elevate the look of your table setting. We like to use large stem crystal glasses for wine or sparkling apple cider and mix in more organic, embossed glasses for water or juice. There are lots of options that have that vintage look like these beaded water glasses that come in a variety of sizes and colors and are not too precise for everyday use.

 Photo credit: HonestlyWTF


4. Add place cards

You want your Thanksgiving dinner to feel special and different from every other family meal. Try adding place cards to bring that personal element in your tablescape. It's always nice to mix up the seating and even a fun activity for kids to help come up with creative card ideas. Of course, the more unusual the better. Also, another nice touch is to set a card at each place setting, have guests write what they’re thankful for and read aloud at the end of the evening.

Photo credit: EyeSwoon


5. Create your own centerpiece

Try a low, long centerpiece for your Thanksgiving tablescape. And fall produce is the perfect element to incorporate into that centerpiece design. Pumpkins, gourds, and persimmons are easily accessible at any grocery store or farmer's market and look great layered together in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Use different varietals and weave in a mix of greenery like olive branches or magnolia leaves to add some additional color and texture.

If you're feeling inspired but need a little help pulling together your Thanksgiving table, then pop over to our Decorist Design Bar for some quick and FREE designer help. Happy Thanksgiving!

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