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Shabby Chic Design

JULY 20, 2016

Do You Love Shabby Chic Style?

Are you one of those people who always finds time to search through flea markets, garage sales and the like in hopes that you’ll find that perfect piece for a room in your home?  Do you think that furniture and other décor tends to age like fine wine?  Would you rather recondition an old lamp than purchase a new one?  Is that old rake absolutely the perfect piece for your entryway?  If so, you may be one of the people around the world who loves a shabby chic design.  Shabby chic style is making a comeback and we're seeing beautiful examples of shabby chic design rooms every day.


Shabby Chic Design – Where Do I Start?

If you’ve decided on a shabby chic style for your home, you’ll find a plethora of opportunities to add a special look to just about every room.  If garage sales and flea markets are not your thing, you’ll still find all kinds of outlets for pieces for your home.  You’ll also discover that a shabby chic design provides you with ample opportunity to be extremely creative.  Let yourself run wild with ideas, as there’s no such thing as a wrong answer with this decorating approach.


Shabby Chic Style – Textiles Galore

One of the central components to any shabby chic design is the inclusion of a generous dose of textiles.  These details may be small, but sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference in the overall look of a room or a home.  Shabby chic style should include textiles that feature colors including ecru, white and faded pastels.  However, you should not be afraid to add some modern elements – as is the case with most things shabby chic works best when worked into a room with other design elements as a balance.


Shabby Chic Design – The Modern-Day Cottage or Farmhouse

If you’re wondering how you can continue to incorporate a shabby chic style into more areas in your home, look to cottages and farmhouses as inspiration and think about how you can take elements from those two spaces into your own home. What works best is not trying to be too literal with shabby chic design elements - think of it in bigger terms, like color palette, updated motifs and mixing in elements from different styles.


Need Help? Work With Decorist

If you really like what you’ve seen of the shabby chic style but you’re still wondering how you transform that desire into something tangible in your home, work with a Decorist designer who can help you create the shabby chic space you've always wanted.  Decorist has helped many customers achieve this and many other looks in a way that is straightforward, as stress-free as possible and ultimately successful.  We'll pair you with a professional designer who will help you formulate a plan and then help you understand how to put it all in place. Shabby chic is just a few clicks away.

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