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See Simone Howell's Gorgeous Kitchen Remodel

JULY 12, 2017
Photo credit: Megan Weaver

Simone Howell is arguably one of our more popular Elite designers today. She’s a master at mixing chic and stylish designs with functionality.  Simone is not afraid to combine new pieces with vintage finds to give a space a distinct, unique flare and personality.  Needless to say, she has a true gift for combining colors and materials while weaving in some high and low pieces in an effortless and unexpected way. 

So when Simone and her family moved half way across the country and wanted to remodel their kitchen we knew it would be a total showstopper. With her gorgeous home featured in Rue, we asked Simone to take over our blog and share her tips and tricks for designing a stylish kitchen.


1. Start with one piece you love.

Every space needs a jumping off point.  Since the layout of my kitchen creates a canvas-like space centered on the back wall, I knew I wanted to create something that felt like art. A centerpiece. Patterned tile was my starting point. So the search began. Being blessed/cursed with an "eye" (of course, give me a hundred options and I will for sure find the three that cost way too much money to be putting into a house where we plan to live for only 5 years) quite honestly, I struggled with this centerpiece idea. I so wanted that brass inlay laser cut tile at hundreds of dollars a square foot, but I just couldn't get myself to pull the trigger! I kept thinking that I would much rather invest in a piece of art that I could take with me when we moved on from this house. So we lived with bare walls for a while until I literally stumbled upon what you see there now. It just felt totally right. 

Photo Credit: Megan Weaver

2. Think outside the box.

Like brass-cobra-pulls-outside-the-box! It was love at first sight for me and my snakes! I found them at one of my favorite vintage spots in Dallas, Scout Design Studio and knew instantly where they would go! They sat on the kitchen counter for a few days while the rest of the family tried to "warm up" to them. Which they didn't do.  At all. Until, of course, they were installed, looked amazing and became a constant topic of conversation for anyone who came over to our house.

Brass Accessories

Photo Credit: Megan Weaver

3. Don't over-do it!  

I wanted to create a "moment" in the kitchen but I didn't want it to feel overwhelming. A patterned tile was the way to go and applying it only where things really do splash was key! Above my cooktop, encased by a pair of spice cabinets adorned with brass cobra pulls created a piece of art for the kitchen. Tiling the entire wall just felt like too much for me, like something I would have grown tired of. To balance and further frame my little masterpiece, I chose a pair of oversized pendant lights with super simple lines. Their size draws the eye and creates some contrast to the busy patterned tile. They are from CB2. Yes, who doesn't love a well priced fixture?

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Photo Credit: Megan Weaver

4. Finish with layers.

I'm not a big fan of kitchen decor and functionality is key to me so layering a few interesting cutting boards added warmth and texture to the unadorned white walls and black counter tops. I continued with colorful fruit and a touch of metallics. The bar stools have fantastic lines but still feeling calm and inviting due to their natural finish and sheepskin toppers. Flowers are always a must - for me they are an instant mood lifter and my kitchen is never without them.  While living in Los Angeles, I was blessed with and spoiled by having access to the LA Flower Market, here in Dallas the variety is a bit tough so I've started planting a cutting garden in the backyard.  The globe allium are my favorite stems from the garden so far!

 Photo Credit: Megan Weaver

Kitchen design is a bit of a dance. Knowing where to start, where to splurge or save and what really makes a big impact is a task, quite honestly, better left to the pros. Hiring an interior designer not only streamlines the process but brings in expertise and an eye beyond what most people could honestly imagine. THAT is the best part of my job-- Bringing in the wow factor! Teaming up with Decorist has meant that I'm able to work with clients all over the country - and world for that matter- to bring my style to their home. I truly believe that people are emotionally influenced by their surroundings.  Designing rooms that are beautiful as well as functional where people can live in, grow in and feel a connection to is what I love to do!  My kitchen is a great example of that - it's a gathering space-  comfortable seating, a calming palette, a dash of pattern and, of course, something to talk about. Score one for the brass cobras!  

Photo Credit: Megan Weaver

Get started on your next design project and work with a talented Decorist designer like Simone Howell. As you can imagine, she is in high demand and books up quickly so be sure to pop over to Simone's page now. Happy Decorating!





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