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Scandinavian Design Style

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Scandinavian Design Style

One of the many beauties of our world is that every corner of it has something to offer everyone else.  This is true of such passions as art, food and overall culture, and it’s certainly true of interior design.  One of the areas of the world that gained a lot of notice during the second half of the 20th Century was Scandinavia. These days, you can find Scandinavian design everywhere from Stockholm to Syracuse to São Paulo.  That’s because Scandinavian design works everywhere and it’s been adopted by people who understand and agree with all of the tenets of this design approach.  Below is an overview of Scandinavian design.


Scandinavian Design Is Simple

When one hears the word “simple,” it’s easy to assume that this is a somewhat derogatory description.  That’s far from the case.  There is a lot of beauty in simplicity, and one of the most common words that people use to describe the simplicity of Scandinavian decorating is tasteful.  It’s unique because it makes more out of less instead of the other way around, as you often see with other design styles.  Simplicity is a virtue in the world of Scandinavian decorating and it most likely always will be.


Scandi Decorating Is Functional

Simple? Functional?  These are not generally terms used to describe widely admired design styles.  Functionality is a key component to Scandinavian design, though.  If you’ve ever been in a home that featured this design approach, you likely know what we mean – everything that sits anywhere has at least one purpose if not more.  There is no fluff in Scandinavian decorating, much like there is no fluff in Scandinavian culture.  It’s one of the truly unique aspects of this interior design school of thought and it’s something that always catches someone’s eye.


Scandinavian Design Is Elegant

Let it never be said that Scandinavian decorating is dull, drab or only about what people can get done with their décor.  Scandinavian design is known around the world for its elegance.  There is a level of sophistication in this approach, and you can see that from the angles that appear on chairs to the pots that sit on stoves – everything has a piece of Scandinavia in it, and everyone can see that even if they can’t identify it or outwardly articulate it.


Work with Decorist

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