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6 Ideas to Get Your Guest Room Ready For the Holidays

NOVEMBER 12, 2019

Before you know it, the holidays will be here, and we’ll be well into the winter months. So there’s no better time to cozy up your guest bedroom for visiting family and friends. Whether you’re looking for an easy refresh or going all in with a front-to-back bedroom makeover, we're all about having a guest bedroom decor checklist. It's our way of staying organized and making sure we're pulling in all the essential elements for a guest bedroom that feels warm and welcoming well beyond Christmas.

From a chic and functional nightstand to eye-catching artwork and plenty of greenery, here are our design tips for how to decorate a guest bedroom for the season and beyond.

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chic and calming guest bedroom

Aim For a Soft Ambiance

For a relaxing guest room that instantly puts overnight visitors at ease this Christmas, bring in furnishings in light woods and soft neutral hues along with textured bedding, all of which will convey a sense of calm. If you’re looking for something fast and easy, fresh flowers by the bed always make for a thoughtful touch. They make for especially charming small guest room decor since they'll add both a burst of color as well as a fresh scent that's sure to brighten up a tiny space. 


california glam bedroom

Personalize Their Bedside

An attractive and stylish bedside table can make all the difference in a guest room where accent furniture tends to be wholly functional. Look for one with storage, like this faux-shagreen drawer piece, and beautiful hardware. Pretty drawer pulls make for details that always stand out in a guest room. Then, make it a point to personalize the surface. Some simple guest bedroom decor touches we love for the nightstand include a tray for a book for phone, a water carafe, and a decorative storage box for jewelry.


cozy chic guest room

Christmas Calls For Extra Plush Accents

Even if you’re not one for piles of pillows, more is more when it comes to your guest room for holiday guests. Combine a mix of pillows in various cozy textures—quilted shams, patterned pillowcases, even a fur cushion or sequined one for a touch of glam—and let your guests decide what they want to snuggle up with at night. To take it one step further, add a pamper kit with towels, a robe, and a scented candle, and give your guests the hotel treatment. 


california boho chic bedroom with plant shelf

Banish Winter Blues With Lots Of Greenery

Just like bouquets of fresh flowers, plenty of plants and greenery arranged in cute terrariums and pretty vases is a great way to balance out your guest bedroom decor and liven up surfaces. Space them out on a tall bookcase to create mini focal points that travel up your walls. They’ll make for soothing sights for your guests.

Likewise, instead of hanging up new artwork, consider displaying textiles as wall decor, like a tapestry or a fabric hanging. They'll instantly punch up your guest bedroom with some pattern and texture. And if you're working with a small guest room that has little to no floor space, this is a stylish solution adding a touch of personality and warmth. 


traditional guest room with dresser display

Welcome Guests With Ample Storage

A sizeable storage piece will go a long way in your guest room during the holidays. It gives your guests a place to store everything, which in turn makes them feel immediately at home. Pull in an elegant dresser with lots of storage compartments, then arrange art and decorative accents on the surface for a chic display that rounds out your guest bedroom decor and keeps the space from feeling purely practical.


modern glam bedroom seating corner

Carve Out A Cozy Corner

Making room for a seating area by the window will give your guests a cozy spot beyond the bed where they can kick back and unwind. Whether it’s a pair of comfy armchairs or one big club chair, layer in a comfy pillow or two and a cozy throw blanket, which will play up a luxurious feel and a sense of warmth. In a small guest room, one accent chair or side chair, along with a plush rug will add up to a reading corner that's just as dreamy. 


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