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Popsugar Editor's Stunning Bathroom Remodel

JULY 28, 2017

We love a good design challenge and the opportunity to collaborate with people in the design industry. So, we were thrilled to get a request to remodel Content Director for Popsugar Living Angela Elias' bathroom.

Angela and her husband were looking to update their small bathroom. Their existing space felt old and the design was completely out-of-date. With busy careers and long commutes, a remodel was not always at the top of their to-do list. But they had a clear vision of what materials they wanted to consider and an even clearer vision of what needed to go…essentially everything!

So in came Decorist to virtually design - and completely transform - the busy couples bathroom. Now sit back and see how it all transpired.

Before Images

Before bathroom renovation photos

With full creative license to transform the small space and a list of the couple’s likes and needs — attractive functional storage, nuetral color palette, sleek lighting, reflective details to brighten the windowless space — Decorist got to work on designing a modern, boho Palm Springs-like bathroom.  Angela and her husband were absolutely thrilled with the new updated look!


Design Board

Design Board

The ‘before and after’ photos speak volumes. The space went from tired and outdated to a more modern, spa like feeling. Storage was amped up and the hardware was replaced with gold tones that add warmth and elevate the design.

The Reveal

Small Bathroom Storage Space Ideas

Angela loved the organic look of the wood tile (yep, it's tile and much more practical in a bathroom then wood floors) brought to the space. To make the bathroom feel larger, we installed the tile in a herringbone pattern that adds depth and tricks the eye into making the space seem larger. As you can image, the former white tile had been a nuisance to keep clean and did nothing to visually enlarge the room.

Herringbone Pattern Floor

Other optical tricks to make the space feel bigger included crisp white walls and seamless white tile, plus a stylized smaller glass shelving unit positioned lower on the wall. Little creative touches like nature photography and charming potted succulents helped to personalize the look and tie in that modern, Palm Springs-like feel.


Affordable Bathroom Remodel

Shelves in Bathroom


Many thoughtful design techniques went into the striking transformation. This mini remodel proves that no space is too small to make a big difference. It also reminds us that with Decorist and our virtual design platform, updates and remodels are within reach, no matter what you want to spend.


If you have a small space of your own in need of a fresh look, start working with a Decorist designer today. It’s as simple as answering a few questions and uploading photos of your room and quickly you will have a space that you love.


Beautiful interior design.

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