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Open Or Closed Kitchen

JULY 20, 2016

Open or Closed Kitchen?

So you’ve decided that you want to remodel your kitchen.  That’s great!  How should you handle the layout of this essential room in any home? If you're unsure about how to approach a kitchen renovation or remodel, Decorist is here to help you through this process smoothly.  If you work with an interior designer, getting this process started really only involves answering a few basic questions.  The first big question to answer for yourself is whether you want an open kitchen design or a closed kitchen design.  We’ve helped many clients with this question, so below we’ll present some pros and cons for each side of this issue.


Open Kitchen Design

The open kitchen design has become extremely popular in recent years, but that doesn’t mean that the closed kitchen doesn't have a place in the home. It's all about how you intend to use the space.


Pros for an Open Kitchen Design

The most obvious pro for an open kitchen design is that people working in the kitchen can remain connected to whatever else is happening in the house.  Parents can watch their children play, help them with their homework and just keep an eye on things.  The cook and can also continue to socialize with any guests who may come to your home for a meal or a party. 


Cons for an Open Kitchen Design

Some people may not want the kitchen visible to the rest of the home when they are cooking or cleaning. They may not want people feeling welcome to just wander into the kitchen either if they view the kitchen more of a behind-the-scenes prep space versus a hub of public activity.  Sometimes privacy is important.


Closed Kitchen Design

The closed kitchen was the model for decades and it remains popular across North America and in other parts of the world, and for good reason.


Pros for a Closed Kitchen Design

A closed kitchen design allows people to do what they need to do and not worry about exposing messes or other ‘unsightly’ things that may appear in a kitchen from time to time as they cook.  It also protects the formality of eating in a separate dining room.  Finally, smells that always come with any cooking can be kept separate from the rest of the home.


Cons for a Closed Kitchen Design

Some people do not want to be separated from the rest of the home.  They do not want guests to feel trepidation as they venture into the kitchen.  They want what many with open kitchen designs describe as a more ‘homey’ feel to that space and to the living space overall. 


The Next Step

If you’re now really torn between an open and closed kitchen design, this is a great opportunity to work with a professional interior designer. Any one of our designers can help show you how your kitchen would look open or closed, and design a beautiful kitchen for you either way. Start a project today - the kitchen you've always wanted is just a few clicks away.

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