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Behind the Design: A Dreamy Boho Bedroom Makeover


When Jules Hunt, the darling matcha- and plant-loving wellness pioneer behind healthy living blog Om & The City, recently asked us for help designing her new one-bedroom apartment in Austin, Texas, we didn’t just stop with her living room.

To round out the apartment for Jules and her husband Andrew, Decorist Classic designer Erika Dale helped the couple pull together a restful and calming bedroom oasis that captured both their laid-back styles and needs.

Helping Jules Design Her Zen Oasis

“We wanted a clean and minimal bedroom,” says Jules of her vision for the space, which needed to be a tech-free retreat where both Andrew and herself can completely forget about their busy lives and jam-packed schedules. “It was the perfect size for us and for what we needed,” she explains. “I wanted to fill the room with plants, white decor, and a funky rug.”

To that end, Erika had to ensure that the furnishings and accents they chose together felt serene and comfy while still appearing stylish and curated. But she already had a pretty clear idea of exactly how to strike that balance in Jules’s bedroom. “When I first saw Jules' blog and Instagram, I knew we were going to be a perfect design fit,” says Erika. “It's not every day I am lucky enough to work with a client that has such a strong aesthetic and vision for a space, so it was a pleasure to dig in right away!”


The Concept Boards

With a completely blank slate to work with, Erika was able to get to work right away by coming up with ideas that would culminate in Jules and Andrew’s soothing bedroom hideaway.


Concept 1

In Concept 1, Erika takes an impactful approach with a soothing, calming, and pure palette and layers of white-on-white accents. Erika incorporated botanical touches, from live greenery to a minimalist photograph above the bed, to enliven the bedroom and provide it with a sense of coziness. Meanwhile, she opted for mid-century-style nightstands and benches that add to the overall clean-lined and airy appeal of the room.


Concept 2

With concept 2, Erika worked in a brighter palette that is nonetheless calm-inducing, bringing to mind the hues of sunrises. She wanted to instill a sense of relaxation with natural materials, such as seagrass pendants, a rattan chair, a mud cloth throw pillow, and woven ottomans. It all adds up to a bedroom that’s both cozy, warm, and restful.


The Final Design

In reviewing the two concepts together, Jules and Erika ultimately decided to go with a bedroom that closely resembled the first concept. With the exception of the art, bedside table lamps, and a comfy upholstered corner chair, here’s Jule’s final dreamy white bedroom design!

The overall white palette with light wood tones is one that’s right on point with Jules and Andrew’s combined aesthetic. Matching nightstands and the white bed make for perfect centerpieces since they provide a clean and uncluttered look that distracts from the bedroom’s small size. One of Jules’s non-negotiables was that the bedroom is a tech-free zone and the minimal storage definitely helps to encourage that.

The artwork above the bed also adds a warm burst of color without diminishing the airy appeal of the space. And plants act almost like sculptures, filling the corners as well as drawing the eye up and around the room.


“I love how much sunlight we get,” says Jules, noting the effect of the white palette on the small space. To anchor one empty corner, Erika and Jules decided on a burnt-orange armchair (a shade also found in the living room), which serves as a warm companion to a mid-century style natural-wood bench. “It’s beautiful and can definitely be styled in many different ways, and it will be fun to take it to our future house and see where it ends up in the design!”

Inspired to give your own living space a head-to-toe makeover? Try Decorist now!

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