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Our Nursery Makeover For Of A Kind's Co-founder

AUGUST 15, 2019
Photo credit: All photos by Julia Robbs

Claire Mazur had one requirement for her newborn’s nursery. "I’ve never been a big fan of traditional nursery decor," says the Of a Kind co-founder and co-author of Work Wife. "I scoured the internet looking for others [nurseries] that I could take inspiration from, but nothing was grabbing me, so I felt like I was starting from scratch." It was a dilemma that became her biggest challenge. On the one hand, she had carte blanche to create her dream nursery. On the other hand, it became overwhelmingly clear she needed some help to bring her vision to life. Not to mention, she had only a little time to pull everything together. 

Seeking guidance, Claire reached out to us and enlisted Decorist Elite designer Jillian Scott to turn her ideas into reality. Known for her eclectic, clean-lined approach, Jillian immediately understood Claire’s desire for a curated yet functional nursery that was none too precious. "Claire wanted a nursery that was simple and genderneutral with pops of color," she says. "I think creating a nursery that leaned more minimalist but still felt warm and inviting was a challenge at first."

Nonetheless, working in collaboration with buybuyBaby, Jillian was able to transform a guest bedroom in Claire's Brooklyn brownstone into a streamlined baby haven. The result is a nursery that serves both Claire and her husband as well as their newborn son, Cameron. Read on to see the full nursery makeover. 


The starting point of the bedroom was the whimsical pale blue rug, which Claire and her husband spied on a trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond. It became the jumping-off point for the nursery's color scheme of blue, orange, and yellow. It subsequently led Jillian to this charming flora-and-fauna wallpaper. "It's so impactful," says Jillian. She, however, had to convince Claire, who was reluctant to commit to the bold look. But Claire eventually came around and took the plunge. The risky decision paid off, and she couldn't be more happy with the wallcovering now, which goes perfectly with the colors of the rug. 


"Beautiful lighting and fun artwork are easy ways to modernize a nursery," says Jillian. "The two pieces above this bookcase are from Tappen, which is a great source for limited-edition finds from emerging artists." She also brought in a mix of furnishings that reflect Claire and her husband's minimalist-leaning style. Those included a wide rocking armchair, wooden stools and tables, a natural-fiber pouf, and a big fluffy sheepskin rug that introduced a bit of cozy texture underfoot. 

"I love that the room feels age-appropriate for Cameron while still reflecting me and my husband’s aesthetic sensibility," says Claire. "It’s also going to grow with him; it doesn’t feel so babyish that he’ll be embarrassed by it when he's six or seven."


In addition to kid- and parent-friendly furnishings, plenty of smart storage was an essential part of the design. To maximize floor space, Jillian opted for two tall bookcases with spacious cubbies for toys and children's books. "Having a home for everything is important," she says of the compact storage pieces.

Beyond style and function, Jillian also made sure to add in sentimental moments. "The room was small, so we were very edited in what we brought in," she says. "The inclusion of a painting by Claire’s late grandmother was wonderful. It's the sentimental piece that made the nursery feel personal and unique."  


"I spend a lot of time in here now, and a lot of that time involves interacting with diapers," Claire admits. "So it’s nice to have a space that counterbalances that." To streamline function, Jillian picked a midcentury-style dresser, also the changing station, that further added to the light, airy appeal of the room.

And instead of art, she hung a quilted baby blanket, which contrasts with the wallpaper and adds a focal point that's easy on the eyes. "A nursery is a place you will spend a lot of time bonding with your child. It should be an enjoyable place that is comfortable for parent and child," says Jillian. 


"There was so much to do in the months leading up to the birth, so doing the design process online gave me much-needed flexibility. I could respond to Jillian’s emails at midnight, or shoot off a response on the subway," Claire says. "Cameron can’t talk yet, but I’m pretty sure he loves the room. And, of course, the best part is that I like being here."

3 Lessons Claire Learned In The Process

Skip The Baby Themes

"You don’t have to have an overarching theme. As long as the pieces you choose all go together it’s going to look great. Your newborn won’t notice that not everything in the room doesn’t tie back to a marine-life motif." 

Choose A Chair For You

"A comfortable chair to feed in is critical. If you can get to a store to test one out before buying, do it. If you can’t, look for something with wide, soft armrests." 

Don’t Postpone The Little Things

"Anchoring dressers and bookshelves to the wall won’t seem necessary right away, but the crawling stage, well, creeps up fast, so you may as well just get it over with. You’re never going to be able to find those little pieces of hardware seven months from now."


Looking for an affordable way to design a nursery fast? Start a Decorist for buybuyBaby project today with one of our trusted designers.


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