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Modern Eclectic Design for a 1920's Spanish Style Bungalow

OCTOBER 22, 2017
Photo credit: Amy Bartlam

When Decorist Elite designer Hannah Polskin relocated from her hometown of New York City to sunny Los Angeles, she took on the ultimate project of designing her new LA bungalow.  With a beautiful spread recently featured in Rue Magazine, Hannah shows off her design chops with a home that will have you drooling. 

Hannah describes her place as having "a New York spin on the bohemian living aesthetic that is so common in LA." You can see the more edgy, New York side of her in the monochromatic black and white details juxtaposed by the bohemian vibe, vintage flea market finds, her Zimbabwean roots and the home's own 1920's Spanish-style architecture. 



Today, we ask Hannah to take us on a tour of her home and gives us a few tips on how to mix multiple styles under one roof.

Play With Conflict

When mixing a bunch of styles under one roof, you want just the right balance of cohesion and conflict. I like to mix it up pairing design elements that don't typically play together. In the living room, a modern leather sofa faces two traditional wingback chairs. A sleek boombox is perched atop an ornate, Spanish-revival style media console. I'm naturally drawn to bohemian design - floor poufs, rattan, peacock chairs - so I always throw in an unexpected element to keep it from going all the way Eat Pray Love. Counter-balances are key for design that's not predictable. 


Experiment With Placement

I'm a firm believer that there's no perfect spot for any one item in your home. Experimentation keeps things interesting. I'll add flair to a room hanging tassel tiebacks on the door knobs instead of curtains. To add life to the nightstands, I repurposed a few empty decanters from the bar cart to use as vases for fresh flowers. I couldn't find a neutral wallpaper with enough texture for the bedroom so I hung mudcloth instead. Crafty solutions take homes from cookie cutter to custom. 


Alternate Angles

Every room should have a mix of straight and curved lines. In my work I've always found this lends a sort of harmony to any room. For the dinning area, I anchored the room with a T-shaped table with perpendicular lines. To smooth out the sharp angles, I knew I needed lighting with some serious curves, so that led me to this Moorish-inspired pendant from Selamat that balloons out- full on curvaceous rattan drama! I kept the equillibrium in check in terms of print and pattern too- the criss-cross angles in the trellis rug are offset by the rounded lines in the abstract mural I painted. 


Take Minimal To The Max

It's surprising what you can get away with when you stick to neutrals! For my house in Silver Lake, I stuck to a streamlined palette of black, white and a range of cold and warm tones. For styling the bookshelves, I weeded out any books that didn't fall into this color family.  The restraint in color freed me up to go crazy with pattern and texture, mixing stripes, block prints, and sequin polka dots all together in the seating area. This keeps the space feeling uncluttered yet still interesting. 


Have A Muse

Have a muse in mind when decorating to keep your vision consistent throughout the house. I'm a lover of portrait photography and sprinkled a bread crumb trail of Kate Moss shots all throughout my home. Whether clustered together in a gallery wall in the kitchen or as a one off in the bathroom, the repetition feels stylish and intended. 

So if you're feeling inspired and want to get this beauitful look in your own home then start an Elite design project with Hannah today!

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