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Leather or Micro-Fiber Sofa?

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Leather Living Room Sofa or Microfiber Living Room Sofa?

It used to be that when it came to deciding between leather living room furniture or microfiber living room furniture that the choice was relatively simple.  Leather furniture was extremely delicate and needed to be protected at all costs.  Microfiber furniture was extremely durable – you may have just called it upholstery back then – but it simply wasn’t as attractive or luxurious as leather.  You really faced the classic form versus function debate when it came to furnishing your living room.  So what about now?  Is it still that simple or have other variables come into play?  With all the advancements we’ve made technologically in recent years, you probably know the answer.  Below is a brief overview of how each of these types of furniture has changed.


Leather Living Room Furniture – Not Just For Fancy Sitting Rooms Anymore

Mankind has been using leather since the beginning of time to keep warm and to literally build homes.  It stands to reason, then, that leather couches and chairs should be more than durable enough, right?  Until recently, the answer to that question was hit-or-miss.  Nowadays, companies are making leather furniture that tends to be more durable and less delicate than it used to be, which opens it up to more potential consumers.  Leather living room furniture still may not be the best choice for people with large families, but it’s no longer a definite no-no, either. 


Microfiber Living Room Furniture – It’s Got Style, Too

Many of us who may be a bit older may think of microfiber living room furniture as something that you could beat on for days and it wouldn’t matter.  You and your friends could all sit on it and watch TV, and if someone spilled a drink on it a simple cleanup was all that was necessary for the most part.  Recently, however, microfiber living room furniture has been coming in more creative colors, patterns and the like, so you really don’t have to sacrifice style for substance any longer.  You can get the best of both worlds. 


So Which Choice Is Right for Me?

While it’s always nice to have more choices, in this situation it will likely only make your decision more difficult now that choosing your living room furniture is not as cut-and-dried as it used to be.  The best answer to that question is something that only you can find inside of yourself.  You need to take a look around and see what excites you.  You need to think about how your furniture will be used, as there could still be situations where one choice is better than others. 


Work with Decorist

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