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Kitchen Countertop Decorating

JUNE 16, 2017
Photo credit: Studio McGee

5 Ideas For Kitchen Countertop Decorating

You’ve completed your kitchen redesign and it was quite an effort to get everything done and ready for use.  It’s always a great feeling to put so much hard work in on something that’s completely worth that sort of dedication.  If you’re like a lot of people who have been in this position, though, it’s quite possible that you’re starting to wonder about kitchen counter décor.  You’ve put the countertops in place, but now you need to figure out what to put on top of them.  This can be an unexpected challenge for many, but the team at Decorist has handled this many times with many different clients.  What you’ll find below are 5 different ideas for kitchen countertop decorating that you should consider as you get into this phase of things.

Match Your Design Theme

The best place to start with your kitchen counter décor project is to build from your foundation.  You picked a certain style for your kitchen and for your home overall, so think about expanding on that.  For instance, if you’ve gone with a country theme, perhaps some wooden spice racks would add to that overall look.  Consistency matters, and it also makes things easier for you.

Minimize the Pieces

One of the things that people tend to notice in a home – whether they live there or not – is when someone has a cluttered and crowded countertop.  Kitchen countertop decorating should be somewhat minimalist in nature.  It’ll add attention to the pieces you have decided to add and will also put your new countertops on display.

Utilize Utility

A lot of décor that you see on kitchen counters is also used for things like storage.  This dual-purpose kitchen countertop decorating is a hit for more than one reason.  You can add to your look and have the things that you’ll want to access at your immediate disposal.  You could add food storage containers or something to hold utensils, but that’s really up to you in terms of your habits and routine.

Add Some Color

Kitchen counter décor should include some color, as tasteful colors always add to the look of any space.  One of the best and most natural ways to do this is by adding some food.  A nice big bowl of colorful fruit – almost regardless of the season – will add that flavor to your look.

Define Zones

Sometimes kitchen countertop decorating almost handles itself.  You can push that idea forward simply by clearly defining zones on your countertop.  If you’re going to be prepping food next to your stove, then put the tools you’d use for that either on that part of the counter or in the drawers below that space.  That will help bring a natural order to things.

If you’d like to learn more about how to complete your kitchen countertop decorating project, you can certainly feel free to contact our team at Decorist at any time with your questions.  Enjoy your new kitchen!

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