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Jeremiah Brent's Home Decor Top Picks Under $100

APRIL 20, 2017
Photo credit: Courtesy of Jeremiah Brent

After a long cold winter you might be feeling the urge to spruce up your home with new stylish accents and accessories. Of course, you don't want to break the bank but you want to know what is fresh and trending. Not sure where to start? Well, our newest Celebrity designer Jeremiah Brent is here to help. With a new show airing on TLC with husband and fellow interior designer Nate Berkus, Jeremiah knows a thing or two about updating a space with practical-yet-stylish design pieces in mind.

Last week InStyle featured Jeremiah's 10 favorite spring home decor pieces and today we are bringing you a few more of his faves to add to that list.


Corded Tassel Throw Pillow

Like Nate's lamp from the same collection, this pillow is made eye-catching by mixing textures and patterns.


Ceramic Table Lamp

Mixing different textures creates visual interest and this lamp from Nate’s Target collection does just that!


Palo Santo 14 Candle

Candles are an easy and chic way to create instant ambience. I recently became obsessed with this Le Labo scent—it strikes the perfect balance of warmth and sensuality



Pom Pom Basket

I am all about simplicity and decluttering. Woven baskets are a chic way to organize your items around the home, everything from children’s toys to magazines, books, chargers and throws.



Marble Table Lamp

Good lighting is essential when establishing the tone and mood of any space. I love the mix of brass and marble in this lamp – it is elegant and classic yet sleek and modern



Whiskey Decanter and Serving Tray

I love hosting and having friends over for cocktails at a moment's notice. This is the perfect minimal piece that still manages to make a visual impact


Marble Paddle 


An elegant upgrade on the cooking staple that you will not only use for years, but will always love having on display in your kitchen


Safi Appetizer Plates

I love mixing modern minimalist decor with traditional Moroccan motifs. These plates are painted by hand so each one is perfectly unique.


Sacchetto Salva Freschezza Pot Pourri 

I love adding this potpourri in small vintage bowls and placing them all around the house; the scent is so earthy and sophisticated.


Japanese Porcelain Mugs

These Japanese porcelain mugs make a simple and beautiful addition to any kitchen. The matte finish gives it a subtle texture that I love.



Cut-Out Vase


Another beautiful piece from Nate's collection -- I love how the shapes within this vase echo each other. Super minimal but very unique.


Metal Wall Art

I love incorporating geometry into a space, it adds style and clean lines. It's a way to be playful while not being too bold in your statement.

Now if you'd like to have Jeremiah's help desiging a room in your home, then be sure to pop over to his page today. He will only be working on a limited number of Decorist projects so act quickly before he sells out!



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