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Welcome Home Room Expert Jeremiah Brent

MAY 16, 2022
Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

We’re thrilled to introduce Jeremiah Brent as our first expert in our Home Room by Decorist series featuring tastemakers and industry insiders from all backgrounds who let us in on how they live beautifully and create a home that’s deeply personal. 

Known for his impeccably appointed interiors, Jeremiah Brent proves time and time again that design is all about constant experimentation and doing things differently each and every time. Since launching his eponymous design firm in 2011, he has fine-tuned his unique vision for warm contemporary spaces—rooms anchored in a masterful blend of sleek materials, unexpected art, striking textures, and luxurious white upholstery that is equally livable. 

Brent was recently named a 2022 AD100 Debut Designer, and his portfolio of work has been featured in top shelter publications, including Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Domino, and Home & Gardens, among others. 

Here, we sit down with Brent to talk about family life with his husband, designer Nate Berkus, and their two children, making time for himself, and how design is about being brave about change and a perspective on what makes home, home.


Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

You’ve cultivated a distinct interior aesthetic using neutral colors and sleek materials in the warmest, most inviting ways. What’s the first thing you consider when designing any space?

I begin every residential project by asking the client, ‘What are the three most important parts of your day?’ My design becomes rooted in their answer. The knowledge of how someone moves through a home offers the necessary tools to create an intuitive space reflective of their values.


It’s true that there’s no place like home—what makes a space feel like home to you?

The memories held within them. Though we’ve only owned our home in Montauk for a little over two years, we created a decade’s worth of memories during our first summer spent there. That’s the beautiful thing about family—home is instantly wherever they are.


Photo credit: Trevor Tondro

What are some of your decorating essentials that make a space feel curated, but most importantly warm and inviting?

An antique moment creates balance and depth within any freshly designed space. Although it is important to note that just because something has history doesn’t mean it has to look rustic and weathered. If a modern aesthetic is what appeals to you, play with textural accents and vintage chromes to keep the space feeling dynamic and inviting.


How do you feel your design aesthetic has changed over the years?

I’ve become braver when it comes to design. I used to feel so tied to the ‘California Modern’ aesthetic and over time have developed a love for juxtapositions and a medley of design references that compliment each other.


Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Besides Nate, who are people you admire and consider to be mentors? How do they inspire you?

No one inspires me more than the people I work with. They each have their own expertise, background, and stylistic leanings. It’s the most inspiring thing in the world to get to create together every day. 


How has parenthood changed the way you look at design?  Do you have any advice for designing a family-friendly space without sacrificing style? 

Nate and I have always approached design through the lens of ‘nothing is too precious.’ As we’ve collected and curated over the years, we’ve embraced coffee-stained marble and every ‘perfectly imperfect’ mark on our furniture. We want our children to be able to truly live in our home. My best advice for crafting a family-friendly space is to use outdoor fabrics to recover indoor pieces. It’s easy to clean and there are so many beautiful varieties of fabrics available. 


Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

We love Poppy’s and Oskar’s rooms! How do you go about designing a kid’s room that they won’t outgrow too quickly?

Thank you! Their rooms are two of our favorite spaces in the house. Outside of a crib, invest in furniture that can grow with them. We installed rods in an antique hutch to hang Oskar’s baby clothes; that same piece is now in our living room. Displaying art, children’s books, and toys instantly creates a playful environment that can evolve with them. Invite your children into the design process but mature their palette preference through elevated finishes.


Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

Since the pandemic, people have put more focus on their homes and on optimizing their outdoor living spaces. How has this influenced both your designs and how you spend time at home?  

I love the idea of blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. When crafting a space for a client, we continue the same materials regardless of their placement—wicker, iron, and stone are all materials that live beautifully indoors and out. After giving our outdoor patio the same level of intentionality as our interior during the pandemic, we’ve utilized that space every day as a family.


Photo credit: Trevor Tondro

Between your design work and spending time with Nate, Poppy, and Oskar, how do you find moments for yourself? 

My morning ritual is one of my most important practices. I wake up at 4AM, go for a run, brew a pot of coffee, and set my intentions through meditation. These mindful moments are what allow me to be fully present with my family and firm for the rest of the day.


What’s next on the horizon for you in design? Any exciting projects or ventures in the works?

There’s just so much that has been in the works over the past year. I’ll be able to reveal them soon… more to come, I promise.


Feeling inspired and want to see more of Jeremiah's work? Check out his recent living room and patio designed exclusively for Home Room by Decorist. You can see and shop it HERE.

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