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See How We're Celebrating International Women's Day

MARCH 8, 2021
Photo credit: LM Design Associates

Happy International Women's Day! At Decorist we choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements in our effort to create an inclusive world. This is only a small handful of the inspiring, creative, uplifting female designers we have on our roster and vendors we work alongside every day.  Each woman's success should be an inspiration to another.  There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish and we are strongest when we cheer each other on! 

This year as we witnessed the first woman to take the Vice-Presidential oath of office, women today are paving the way for girls and young women everywhere to dream big and never give up.

As part of our journey of celebrating important cultural moments throughout the year, March is Women’s History Month! We are excited about the opportunity to highlight and celebrate the immeasurable accomplishments women have made in shaping our nation and culture. As we continue to champion our community, we will shine a spotlight this month on some of the many women who make up our our talented designers and women-owned businesses.  


Elena Calabrese

Elena Calabrese Design & Decor creates modern interiors designed to nurture, inspire, and reflect a unique California point of view. Elena's mission is simple: create elevated interiors that honestly reflect a client’s distinct personality. Elena layers texture with modern lines to marry earthy elements with luxury to build dynamic, comfortable residences. By thoughtfully exploring unexpected combinations, her designs are realized.


1.  Obakki Taro Vase  2.  Lulu & Georgia Mercedes Round Mirror  3. St. Frank Amethyst Tumbler Glass


Photo credit: LM Design Associates

Lauren Martin-Moro

Lauren leads LMDA (Lauren Martin Design Associates) with a combination of intuition, ingenuity and artistic vision. Her focus lies in developing thoughtfully composed minimal environments with diversely styled and layered elements. Each project is an active collaboration with the client, built to suit their needs while telling a distinctive visual story. Lauren’s passion for art history and all things vintage and modern provides the perfect foundation for creating harmonious, artful, timeless spaces. LMDA is committed to approaching each projects individuality  with a sensitivity to the principles of design, while incorporating a wide range of styles and unique elements. They believe each project is special and created to be one-of-a-kind, just like their clients. 


1. Obakki Cotton Woven Fiche Towel  2.  Lulu & Georgia Regina Andrew Dover Lamp  3. Parachute Home Linen Duvet Cover


Photo credit: Alison Leigh

Alison Leigh

Alison has over 15 years design experience and is the owner of Alison Leigh Designs. Her expertise and knowledge produces imaginative and distinct designs tailor-made to meet clients’ needs, tastes, and desires. Alison's real talent is to gracefully guide clients to concepts and solutions more creative and beautiful than they could have ever imagined. Through innovative space planning, comprehensive detailing, and expert furniture sourcing, she will achieve the best possible results for decorating dilemmas.


1. 54Kibo Woven Mirror  2. St. Frank Glass Beads  3. Obakki Azola Sisal Basket



Photo credit: Decorist

Emily Johnson

Meet Emily, a girl that has mastered the art of mixing and matching to create awe-worthy spaces of eclectic, modern, bohemian, and minimal design. She has a fearlessness about her that can pull bold textures, patterns, and accessories together in a way that is uniquely beautiful to you. With a large passion for design she brings an eclectic design eye and a knack for discovering extraordinary pieces to the table.

Nothing is more exciting than to adore your space and get the chance to feel good about showing it off. She believes everyone has a different story and it’s amazing to see personalities shine through in their homes. As an excited, positive interior designer she is looking forward to create a home that you will always be proud to show off.


1. 54Kibo Diani Natural Basket  2. Obakki Coyotepec Vase  3. Maewoven African Mudcloth Pillow


Photo credit: Casa Nolita

Casa Nolita

Jessie Yoon is the founder of Casa Nolita, an interior design and dwelling company based in New York City that specializes in residential design with a global influence. Jessie’s design aesthetic is as diverse and juxtaposed as her background. She has resided in the greatest cities in the world which include Seoul, Paris, LA and New York. To maintain her creativity and knowledge, she prioritizes global travel and is constantly inspired by different cultures which makes for a unique and elevated aesthetic which can be seen in all her work.

Jessie's speciality lies in eclectic and Scandinavian style interiors but thrives on collaborating with her clients to create tastefully personalized homes that they have envisioned. Her mission is to bring sophistication in residential design across all budgets and seeing her client's interior dreams become a reality is what makes the process worthwhile.


1. Annie Selke Tula Embroidered Pillow  2. Food52 Hand Poured Beeswax Candle  3. Obakki Woven Black Palm Pendant


Have you met our amazing tribe of women? Join us in celebrating International Women's Day by supporting these remarkable female designers.  Explore our list of talented interior designers who infuse each project with passion, creativity and style. 


* Every product is independently selected by our stylish, expert designers and we only use an affiliate link on items we love, and would include regardless.  We may receive a small commission on things you buy through our links. 

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