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Industrial Style Decorating

JULY 20, 2016

Industrial Interior Design Style Overview

When you hear the word “industrial,” it’s quite possible that you think of big machinery, large factories, smokestacks.  A lot of people in the design world, however, use the term for something entirely different.  Industrial interior design is a popular design style that people from all walks of life incorporate into their homes. 


Industrial Interior Design – The Inspiration

Industrial interior decorating is one of those styles that’s exactly as it sounds. Generally speaking, industrial interior decorating involves ideas like exposed steel and wood, ‘unfinished’ walls and duct work if it’s present (e.g., in loft spaces). With the proliferation of loft spaces and the conversion of former factories and industrial spaces into residences came the emergence of this design trend as homeowners learned to embrace the authentic features that were part of the original building structure. 


Industrial Interior Decorating – Rustic and Modern

Industrial interior design also involves combining the ideas of rustic and modern.  People who like this style will add furniture and décor that looks like it’s from a different era, but for the most part these are modern pieces that are either built to look that way or they are older pieces that have been reconditioned for today.  Either way, the industrial look is one that brings a lot of different concepts together.  Given that, it should be exciting to know that you really can’t go wrong with what you decide to incorporate into your home.


Industrial Interior Design – Open Those Spaces

One of the real underlying themes of industrial interior decorating is that the spaces that have this look are almost always wide open.  You won’t find many walls separating rooms, particularly main rooms that are designed to be common areas.  The walls that are visible will be largely exposed.  This means that you’ll need to use some strategy when it comes to adding furniture.  Generally, you’ll want to make distinctions between ‘zones’ in your space, and the best way to do that is with the proper use of couches, chairs, tables and the like. 


Industrial Interior Decorating – Work With An Interior Designer

If you need help with decorating in this style, you can't go wrong with working with a professional. Decorist has over 400 designers and will have your perfect designer match to bring a little of your personal style into an industrial style design. Start a project today!

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