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Ideas For Three-Season Porch Decorating

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

Three-Season Porch Decorating

Millions of people around the United States have outdoot spaces that are suitable for use for three of the four seasons: these rooms are referred to as the three-season porch among others.  While visitors to homes that include this type of space may not think much about how they are decorated, homeowners sometimes face a challenge with 3-season porch decorating.  That’s because there are several factors that need to be considered before coming to any final decisions. Below are a few ideas to consider for your three-season porch decorating.


Durability Doesn’t Have to Sacrifice Beauty

Clearly, any furniture that will be placed in this type of a space will be faced with at least some outdoor elements.  This furniture may not face direct sunlight or direct rainfall, but it will be affected by the atmosphere, the wind and other realities of Mother Nature.  As such, your three-season porch decorating should include furniture that is durable.  However, that doesn’t mean that it has to be unattractive.  There are all sorts of options out there for people who want their porch furniture to both look good and last a long time.


Bring Nature to Nature

Too many 3-season porch decorating plans simply assume that the nature nearby is more than enough nature in that area.  That’s not necessarily the case.  Unlike the interior of your home, there are plants that you may be able to add to this space that will live quite well with in fresh air that may not do well inside.  Incorporate some plant life into your porch and you’ll be adding a nice dose of nature inside to what you’re already enjoying outside. 


Stick With a Theme

Perhaps one of the reasons that you’re thinking about doing some three-season porch decorating is because this has become a space where random furniture goes to live.  It happens all too often – people have furniture that they don’t want to get rid of but have nowhere else to put it, so the porch becomes a logical destination.  If this has happened to you, it’s possible that the space lacks any type of a theme or clear approach, and this can affect your overall enjoyment of the room.  You can add new furniture or refurbish what’s there, but take steps to add some style.


Work with Decorist

Need a little design help? Work with one of our interior designers to transform your three-season porch into a five-star space. Any one of our 400+ designers can work within your style and budget to give you the room you've always wanted. Start a project today!

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