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Ideas For Decorating A Large Living Room

JULY 20, 2016

Ideas for Decorating a Large Living Room

These days, more and more homes are being built with an open layout, meaning that there just aren’t as many walls in place as there used to be.  While this open concept is inviting for many people and offers a lot of advantages in terms of overall living style, it also presents some challenges when someone decides to decorate.  Living room decorating is a big project, particularly if that room is enormous and will include other items for other uses such as dining room tables or television viewing areas.  Decorist is here to help you get started on your living room design with a few basic ideas to consider before you get started. 


Spacing Is Everything

Generally, people will want to avoid a living room design that makes the space look like one large and continuous space.  This is not usually the most functional to people and it’s not that difficult to incorporate some things that ‘divide’ the room into separate areas.  One of the ways that this can be accomplished is through proper spacing.  If you put certain rugs in certain places, such as behind a sofa or between a sitting area and a dining room table, it creates a natural boundary between those spaces.  It’s important to make sure that your different areas are clearly defined, as that creates a more pleasing experience.


Lighting Makes All the Difference

If your living room design requires you to declare different zones as was discussed above, one way to accomplish that is to handle your lighting in a strategic manner.  Doing so will add to the illusion of different spaces.  The difference in this lighting will create a distinct impression that people are moving into different rooms even if they are not, and that can make all the difference in the overall effect. 


Color Is Critical

When someone walks into a large and open living room and the entire area is one solid color, it can make living room decorating more difficult as this will make it feel as though everything is stuck together in one plan.  If you encounter such a situation, consider some contrasting colors with borders in different areas of the room This will help you fill in with other items and create the idea of more space.


Work With Decorist

Of course, if you’re still unsure of what you should do with regards to your living room design, you can always start a project with Decorist.  We’ve helped a lot of people with this specific project, and if you work with us we’ll team you up with an experienced designer who will help you all the way through the process. Get started today.


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