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Three Ways to Style Your Front Porch

JUNE 29, 2022
Photo credit: My Domaine

Nothing says summer like a warm and welcoming front porch - not only does it act as a first impression for guests and neighbors alike, but it’s also the perfect outdoor escape to enjoy a moment of relaxation and maybe even a chilled glass of wine. The porch should feel like a natural extension of your home so why not pull your favorite indoor design elements outside? Whether you’re working with a small amount of square footage or a full wrap-around deck, there are subtle ways to make your front porch fit your interior design style and feel like your very own little slice of heaven. If you’re in need of inspiration, here’s a designer-approved front porch in three popular design styles to help you refresh your space and up your curb appeal. 

Need expert advice on simple ways to upgrade your front porch? Book a live video consultation with a Decorist designer. 

If Your Home Is Modern…

Modern doesn’t have to mean cold. Add depth to your patio with a moody paint palette that feels elevated, but still warm & welcoming. Pairing a dark gray stucco wall with light wood and white accents, such as the beams and front door, adds visual interest and creates balance. With the addition of a few key design elements, such as streamlined furniture and a modern bar cart - plus greenery in a mix of minimalist and concrete planters - can transform your porch into an all-inclusive lounge for guests to enjoy. 


If Your Home Is Traditional…

Yes, it’s possible to update a traditional style patio without making it feel stuffy. An all-white exterior feels instantly brighter with painted accents, like the front door and window shutters, in a light and complimentary shade. Bring texture in (or out, rather) with furniture and decor in natural materials - an intricately woven doormat provides a warm welcome, while classic rattan adds a traditional-inspired touch to a hanging swing chair. Fill in any empty spaces with simple accents, like a ceramic garden stool that doubles as a table, or oversized planters filled with seasonal shrubs like hydrangeas. 


If Your Home Is Farmhouse…

The farmhouse style has become incredibly popular in recent years, and rightfully so. Clean lines, natural materials, and neutral colors make this style feel minimal-yet-approachable. Create contrast against white vertical siding, with black trimmed windows and a matching front door. Coordinating accent pieces - think matte black wall sconces, house numbers, and decorative floor lanterns - tie the whole design together and provide a modern take on the traditional farmhouse. Create a cozy seating area with a set of rocking chairs, a ceramic end table, and comfy pillows and blankets to enjoy an early morning coffee outside. 

Need expert advice on simple ways to upgrade your front porch? Book a live video consultation with a Decorist designer. 

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