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5 Simple Ways to Save Money When Decorating

JANUARY 28, 2021
Photo credit: Design by Decorist

Decorating your home can become costly quickly—especially if you have expensive taste! However, it is possible to decorate on a budget and still create a beautiful home. It’s all about making smart design choices, having a plan, and being thoughtful about where to splurge and where to save. To help you make the most of your design budget, here are a few of our go-to tricks for saving money when decorating.


1. Revitalize Your Furniture

If you look around your home and you’re not thrilled with the way things look, you may be tempted to go out and buy new furniture and decor. Before you go, we recommend considering you might be able to refresh your existing pieces. A simple coat of paint can revitalize a vintage find with good bones. Or a reupholstery project can transform a cherished family heirloom. And a new wood finish can give a facelift to a piece that’s seen better days.


Bedroom With Vintage High Boy Dresser

Design by Decorist


2. Shop Vintage and Second-Hand

Love that farmhouse look? Vintage furniture shops, second-hand stores, estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets are all goldmines when it comes to affordable furniture and decor to give you that look. You have to be willing to look (and in some cases wake up early!) but these retail destinations are known for low prices on quality furniture. If you’re an online shopper, Craigslist or 1st Dibs are great resources to shop vintage online. Again, you may need to do a little bit of refinishing, but in many cases, vintage pieces tend to be high quality—especially if they’ve lasted this long—so it’s worth the extra effort.


Eclectic Blue and White Living Room

Design by Decorist


3.  Get Eclectic or Go Minimalist

In the range of home decor styles, an eclectic look is one of the easiest looks to create affordably because it's all about mixing—not matching. There’s no need to buy things in pairs or find a throw blanket in precisely the right shade to match your drapery—the bohemian look is more interesting when your decor is layered and not so picture-perfect. Meanwhile, if you can handle living with less, a minimalist modern look means you don’t need to buy as much. Fewer but more thoughtfully chosen pieces will be friendlier to your budget. Wondering what style resonates most with you? Take our Style Quiz to find out.


Design by Decorist


4. Set a Budget for Accessories

When you fall hard for a decorative pillow in your favorite color or come across a pair of table lamps that give you butterflies, it can be hard to say no—especially since relatively they may be much less expensive than, say, your dream sofa. But accessories are the most accessible home decor item and the easiest place to save. Set a budget for yourself for these smaller items so you can save up for big-ticket items and investment pieces like large-scale furniture and artwork. There are tons of retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond and Cost Plus World Market that sell affordable accessories that are stylish and high quality.


Design by Decorist


5. Hire a Professional Online Decorator

Some of the biggest expenses in decorating are the mistakes you make when you don’t have confidence in design or when you buy something that doesn’t work for your home or your look. That’s why it’s wise to work with a professional who can help you create a floor plan that’s functional and find the right pieces for your space, your style, and your budget. Professionals are trained to work in your style and budget and to design a layout that optimizes the space you have for the way you live your life. Unfortunately, traditional interior design can be expensive, but online interior design is a budget-friendly way to get a gorgeous home you love without breaking the bank. Learn how you can work with a Decorist online interior designer for as little as $299/room—such a steal!


Beautiful interior design.

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