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How To Clear Negative Energy From Your Home

OCTOBER 14, 2021
Photo credit: Architectural Digest

Our homes have become our sanctuaries more than ever before. But if we’re being honest, it’s had its fair share of rough days over the past year. Some days, it was the clutter of mail and recycling piling up. Other days it was the sofa turning into a makeshift closet for house clothes on rotation. And then there were stretches of days where every room felt dreary, like there was some negative, unwanted energy in the air. 

If that sounds even vaguely familiar, you’re not alone. 

The truth is, sometimes our home can feel off when we don’t pay attention to our living spaces. And there are many ways to describe a space that feels off: Bad vibes. Negative spirits. Stuck energy. It all simply can mean a heaviness you’re feeling in high-traffic areas, like the entry or living room, or it can be a sense of restlessness everytime you step into the dining room. Wherever the space in the home, it simply creates a draining feeling that lingers day after day and weighs down on your mood and spirits. 

According to some energy healers and practitioners who specialize in how to keep bad spirits away from your home, this is a sign your space is due for a cleansing—or what we like to call, a feel-good detox. Think of it as a home refresh that clears out negative, stuck energies and resets your spaces with good vibes that inspire more calm, better sleep, and a positive mood all around. 

So keeping that in mind, we’re taking advantage of these early fall days to reset the energy in our home—and find out how to keep spirits away on the regular. From clearing the air with sage and tapping into crystals to good feng shui, here’s a roundup of simple ideas for attracting positive energy and setting a happier, healthier tone in the home.

Sage Your Spaces

While there’s not exactly a handbook for how to ward off spirits in your house, burning sage is one of the oldest rituals for cleansing a space and clearing the air of stuck energies. This is also known as smudging, which is an ancient ceremony where sacred plants are burned and the wafting smoke is used to bless a space (or body). And it’s become mainstream in energy and wellness circles in recent years. 

For smudging, it’s recommended to use white sage, which has an earthy smell and is different from the kind you cook with. Try lighting some white sage and letting the smoke permeate a stuffy room to clear the air. Traditionally, sage is also believed to bring new wisdom, clarity, and spiritual awareness. 



Photo credit: Mind Body Green

Work In Good Feng Shui

If you’re wondering how to ward off bad spirits from your home and are open to rearranging your furniture and rooms, do it with good feng shui in mind. In the simplest terms, having good feng shui is about creating balance and harmony with the natural world in your spaces, which ultimately invites good energy into the home. 

To start, make it a point to declutter your entry as a way to keep a clear, positive energy flow coming into your home. Another good feng shui practice is to clean your windows regularly to ensure your rooms get lots of clear daylight, which is believed to energize your home. And in the same vein as decluttering, make sure furniture in your spaces are arranged to optimize flow, meaning you’re not blocking your path from your living room to the kitchen with lots of furnishings and objects. 



Photo credit: J Hilton Carter for Bloomist

Bring In Air-Purifying Plants

Changing the overall mood in your home can come down to simply filling your spaces with a little life in the form of plants (which is also considered to be good feng shui.) 

Take it one step further and seek out air-purifying plants, like a snake plant, aloe vera, or a pot of English ivy, to add to your most-used spaces, like the living room and bedroom. Not only will they clear the air in your spaces, they’ll also make for vibrant, organic touches that brighten the mood. 


Photo credit: goop

Light Some Incense

Similar to burning sage, incense has long been used to freshen up rooms and purify spaces, as well as for spiritual purposes in certain cultures around the world. Today, burning incense is believed to bring more focus, calm the senses, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

If you’re feeling stuck working from home or suffering from a lack of sleep, burning some incense in your work area and bedroom can potentially help provide a little ease and comfort. Try keeping some incense within easy reach in the bedroom and bathroom, which will allow you to create a more soothing atmosphere in these spaces where you tend to relax most. 



 Photo credit: Architectural Digest

Set Up A Mediation Zone

There’s been a lot of science in recent years suggesting that meditating as little as 10 minutes a day can drastically shift our mood and increase our focus. And it doesn’t require you to put on your workout gear and run two miles. 

If you’re not feeling quite at home in your home, it’s usually a sign that you’re not entirely present in your space. Carving out a meditation area in your home is a great way to give yourself a little hideaway to rest and recharge on those overwhelming days at home. And how you set up your meditation zone is up to you. It can be as simple as devoting a corner spot next to a window with some plants and a yoga mat, or you can create a whole room complete with noise-canceling curtains, dim lighting, incense at the ready, and a round woven floor cushion for you to sit on while meditating. 



Photo credit: Net-a-Porter

Tap Into Feel-Good Crystals

Another easy way to attract good energy into your home is to bring in various energy crystals, which are often treated as symbols to keep bad spirits away. Different stones are believed to have different positive effects on you and your home, from bringing clarity and focus (clear quartz) to giving a sense of calm and relaxation (amethyst). 

Good places to set out crystals include your work surface, nightstand and coffee table, which can be places where you need positive reminders the most. Try adding pyrite on your desk, which is said to attract money and wealth. Rose quartz, a popular choice that reminds us to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and others, can be perfect for your bedside. And black tourmaline, believed to protect you from other people’s negative energies, makes for a great living room amulet. 

If you’re not fully feeling the crystals, try thinking of them as pretty mineral stone accents that you can use as paperweights, bookends, and display objects for your tables or bookshelves. 



Photo credit: Jules Acree, Om and the City

Improve Your Sleep Environment

Oftentimes, when we’re not comfortable in our homes, it can be because we’re not feeling relaxed and rested in our own space. The best way to solve that is to rethink the sleep environment in your bedroom. 

Ask yourself a few key questions to start: Is my bed in the best place for sleep? Are my sheets comfy enough or are they making me toss and turn at night? Do I need some more plants in the room? Am I getting enough light in the bedroom? Do I need to add a lamp?

While it’s not always the case that you need to completely rearrange your bedroom, it’s important to make sure you’re always freshening up your space to ensure you’re getting your best rest. Try adding some of the small details we mentioned above, such as plants for the area near your bed, crystals for your bedside, and some incense to set a calming tone. Also, changing up your bed with a new set of soft sheets and a cloud-like duvet never hurts either. 



Photo credit: Nadine Stay

Spread Calm With Candles

If the smell of sage and incense is a little too strong for you, scented candles are an equally uplifting alternative. 

Choose a scent to amplify the ambience you want to bring into a space. If your living room is often a busy gathering spot, opt for a scent like pine or grass that brings the outdoors in and lightens the mood in the room. If you’re having trouble sleeping, a lavender or delicate floral scent in your bedroom can help ease and soothe your senses before you turn in for the night. And if you’re looking to create a cozier vibe throughout your home, a musky wood aroma will do the trick beautifully. 


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